30-Day Power to Be Challenge

Transform your life!

This 30-day challenge is designed to take your metabolic health to the next level. So, whether you want to transform your life or are just looking for a wellness tune-up this self-paced challenge is for you!

As a global doTERRA community we're starting the challenge together on January 1, 2023 - for support, accountability, and to make a global movement with leveling up our health and wellness as a collective.

However, since it's self-paced you can join at any time. After joining the challenge you'll have lifetime access. And remember the best day to transform your life is today.

This challenge takes you through 30 days of simple, step-by-step lessons and daily challenges focused on nutrition, digestion, movement, and metabolism. The only products you’ll need to complete the challenge are the doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack® (LLV) and the MetaPWR Metabolic System.

Learn more about the MetaPWR Metabolic System
Learn more about Lifelong Vitality Pack® and why it's important to supplement.

What do you want to be in 2023?

You have the power to be whatever you want!

Resolutions don't work! We often set ourselves up for failure when we set new year's resolutions, this is because resolutions are limiting. Instead choose your own Power to Be mantra. Your theme should be all-encompassing of how you want to be. It gives you a focus - something to pursue. This mantra is often based off of a feeling you desire. The quickest way to manifest your desires is to know how you want to feel. Download the Power to Be Challenge Workbook below to help you choose your 2023 mantra. And remember, this doesn't have to be done on January 1, the best day to transform your life is today.

Power to Be Challenge Workbook

This is your quick start guide. Pick your 2023 Power to Be theme, get the timeline for the challenge and the 30-day tracker.

Coming Soon!

I'm so excited to share that my new self-care mobile app is in development.


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