The blog is a good spot to get tips, tricks and tools to help you live a natural solutions lifestyle.  I’ve got educational posts to help you learn more about doTERRA essential oils - how to use them, what they’re good for, DIY projects and lots of recipes too.  Plus the blog is where I share my personal life experiences and life-hacks.

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2018 Holiday Gifts

Yay! The new 2018 limited time offer holiday gifts are set to rollout on November 1, 2018. Get yours early! Check out the Home for the Holidays Guide .

ICU Day 2 - Road to an Amputation

On October 5, 2016 at 8:19 PM Steve was taken into the operating room for his second surgery.  The story continues to unfold through my actual text messages: Date: Thu, Oct 6, 2016...


During the fall and winter months, I love the aroma of warm, spicy, and woody scents. Thankfully, dōTERRA came out with the perfect oil in time for fall. dōTERRA Turmeric has a bea...

ICU Day 1 - Road to an Amputation

Surgery #1 was successful in all they were able to accomplish, however, since the clots were actually "old" the TPA medicine doesn't typically work on an old clotting.  What is old...

Pink Pepper

Known for its ability to strengthen the immune system and maintain healthy cellular function, doTERRA’s Pink Pepper can be taken internally to avoid *seasonal threats. Additional b...

Surgery #1 - Road to an Amputation

On Tuesday, 10/4/2016 around 2:15 PM Steve headed into his first surgery. There was a lot to be done with this first surgery.  They put a stent graft over the dangling clot in the ...

Green Mandarin

Do you love the sweet smell of citrus fruits? dōTERRA Green Mandarin has a beautiful citrusy, yet slightly sweet and floral aroma that you’ll love. Green Mandarin is not only known...

Emergency Room Visit #2 - Road to an Amputation

On Monday, 10/3 Steve called his PCP back again about getting the MRI scheduled.  The PCP was highly concerned about how much pain he was still in and suggested that he go back to ...

doTERRA Balance Deodorant

Now that this year’s Convention is over, I will be spotlighting some of the new products! One product that is long overdue, is the newly formulated doTERRA Balance Deodorant. It ca...

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