The blog is a good spot to get tips, tricks and tools to help you live a natural solutions lifestyle.  I’ve got educational posts to help you learn more about doTERRA essential oils - how to use them, what they’re good for, DIY projects and lots of recipes too.  Plus the blog is where I share my personal life experiences and life-hacks.

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Reduce Your Toxic Load

You may have heard this term before and just know because it contains the word toxic that it isn’t good, right? However, you may not really understand what people are talking about...

Our Homes Hidden Toxins

According to the EPA, our indoor environment is two to five times more toxic than our outdoor environment and, on average, Americans are spending about 90 percent of their lives in...

Respiratory Wellness Program

According to the World Health Organization the top 5 respiratory diseases are: COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), asthma, acute lower respiratory tract infections, TB (t...

Sleep Wellness Program

According to the American Sleep Association 50-70 million adults in the USA have a sleep disorder. That means sleep deprivation is alive and thriving in our world. In fact, nearly ...

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