The blog is a good spot to get tips, tricks and tools to help you live a natural solutions lifestyle.  I’ve got educational posts to help you learn more about doTERRA essential oils - how to use them, what they’re good for, DIY projects and lots of recipes too.  Plus the blog is where I share my personal life experiences and life-hacks.

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DIY Cleaning Recipes - Miscellaneous

Check this out, the average person spends about 1.5 years of their life cleaning! If you're going to spend that much time cleaning up think about how important it is to use product...

DIY Cleaning Recipes - Vehicle

While I know the majority of us probably prefer to take our vehicles to a carwash or get them professionally detailed we've probably all at some point in our lives hand-washed our ...

DIY Cleaning Recipes - Bedroom

According to the Good Housekeeping Institute you should wash your sheets at least once every two weeks, or once a week if you're a sweater. While the mattress doesn't need to be cl...

DIY Cleaning Recipes - Living Room

Dust particles are made of of 70-80% of our own dead skin cells, ewe! The other 20-30% is a mix of hair, fibers from clothing, dirt and soil particles, tiny specks of plastic, poll...

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