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How Realtors Use Essential Oils

How Realtors Use Essential Oils: Essential oils can help to eliminate (not mask) household odors, evoke specific emotions, clean surfaces, keep your car fresh and germ-free, brand your business and leave a lasting impression. The easiest way to scent any room is with a diffuser . The diffuser disperses the essential oils into a fine vapor, sp...

Essential Oils Around the Kitchen

Using essential oils around the kitchen is highly encouraged - not just for toxin-free cleaning options, but cooking and drinking too. You probably already know this, but just as a reminder essential oils are highly concentrated, so depending on the dish and oil being used you probably only need a drop or two and in some cases you may not even want a drop -...

Pamper Yourself with doTERRA - FREE downloadable guide

Pampering yourself with doTERRA won't get any easier. This guide will walk you through the essential oils and products that are great for mood management, enhancement and raising your confidence with yourself as a woman. I've also got yummy, but simple food, drink and diffuser recipes too. Get your FREE download now!