30 or 60-minute custom practitioner assisted stretch experience incorporating essential oils and light massage

Unlike traditional stretching done independently, assisted stretching involves the guidance and support of a skilled practitioner. Danette provides personalized techniques tailored to your body's needs and limitations. Through a combination of hands-on adjustments, targeted movements, and passive stretching, assisted stretching helps to elongate muscles, release tension, and enhance joint range of motion.

Danette combines the art of assisted stretching with the science behind essential oils in this one-of-a-kind transformative practice. Her technique is slow and fluid and she requires verbal participation from you to guide her to providing you with a nice deep stretch with no discomfort. Her approach allows you to fully relax into each stretch while she gently guides your movements, promoting a profound sense of relaxation and stress relief. She incorporates the purest essential oils into your experience which targets the root cause of your discomforts - both physically and emotionally, which enhances your experience long after your session.

Active Recovery 

with Low Intensity Moves that:

loosen & relax muscles
relieves pain
strengthens muscles
improves circulation
prevents injury
speeds recovery

*essential oils support at the root of the problem providing support long after your session

Monday - Friday  
7AM to 2PM

Danette started Wellness Spoiled in 2018 to help educate and support those in using natural solutions and modalities. Her education and life experiences led her to create the unique offering of AromaStretch™️. Wellness Spoiled is a premier wellness and self-care experience. Our comprehensive wellness services and guidance are tailored to help you attain optimal health and well-being. Whether you require a personalized practitioner-assisted stretching session, wish to buy essential oils, seek advice on developing a self-care routine, or guidance with the various natural solutions and modalities, we've got you covered. Our aim is to leave you feeling rejuvenated, revitalized, and prepared to conquer the day.