Emergency Room Visit #3 - Road to an Amputation

Wait what!?!  The last blog post just said that after being in the hospital for 9 days and 4 surgeries later that Steve was sent home.  Yes, you are correct.  If you recall Steve was told that it would be a painful process, but that he needed to do physical therapy and give his body time to build collateral channels for blood flow, since the surgeries weren't able to clear up all the blockage because the blood clots were "too old."  

After another week of writhing pain and not sleeping, Steve begged me to take him back to the hospital.  For what exactly, I wasn't sure.  However, I knew my man was hurting something fierce and we HAD to get him some help.  So on 10/18/16, just 7 days after being released, I sadly drove him back to the emergency room for our third time. 

This time one of the fellows that had been working on Steve's case while he was in the ICU got word that Steve was back and came down to chat.  He was unable to find a pulse in his right foot and told him that he was going to be admitted back to the hospital for pain management.  He briefly made mention that if the circulation in his foot didn't return soon, that he might be looking at an amputation of his foot.

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