20lbs in 2 days! - Road to an Amputation

This blog entry is the beginning of the story to why I have a section for amputee(s) on my website - what eventually lead to my husband having an amputation.  It's the beginning to the scary events that can take place when you least expect them.  It's a reminder to stop, take note and listen to your body (and/or your wife, tee-hee!).

So, of course it was Labor Day Weekend.  Steve, my husband, woke up with extremely swollen ankles and legs, Saturday morning, 9/3/16.  Super strange.  He stepped on the scale and was 10lbs heavier!  

I happened to walk into the bathroom just as he finished his morning "Austin Powers pee" and noticed that the toilet nearly overflowed with bubbles.  I asked him what the frothy urine was all about and how long it had been going on.  He said maybe a couple weeks.  I told him I thought it was protein in his urine and that he needed to make an appointment at the doc ASAP.  He doubted me, asking why or how on earth I'd come to that conclusion.  The only thing I can say is when I was pregnant, late in the pregnancy when I started to show edema, I was tested for protein in my urine.  I wasn't sure, of course, I thought it sounded good and just knew that something wasn't right.    

On Sunday, 9/4, Steve again woke up and didn't feel or look any better.  As a matter of fact, he was quite the sight.  Can you say beached whale?  Hahahaha!  This time he was swollen in his midsection too.  He once again weighed himself and had gained another 10lbs!

Monday morning.  Thankfully his weight gain didn't go up another 10lbs overnight.  However, 2lbs added to the already 20lbs was still crazy-scary.  Remember we still can't call the doctor due to the holiday and Steve refused to go to the hospital at this point.  We chilled and enjoyed our vacation day with the fam and tried not to worry about Steve's condition.

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