A Rotating Charley Horse? - Road to an Amputation

The primary care doctor had prescribed 20mg of Lasix - this was to start to eliminate the ridiculous water weight Steve had put on.  He was told he would start peeing like crazy and that he probably would be up throughout the night.  Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, the 20mg didn't do anything.  So the next night he was instructed to take 40mg, rest and elevate his legs as much as possible.

At this point he's still got an extra 22lbs of extra fluid on him, but decided to go golfing at an exclusive, invitation only golf course (The Sanctuary in Castle Pines, CO), because he loves golf and really wanted to play this course.  A gorgeous course complete with  rolling hills and wild life, you have to walk and after 18 holes with 22lbs of extra weight you can imagine he was a little wiped out when he got home.

After chilling on the couch for maybe 30 minutes he developed the awful Charley Horse in his right thigh.  For those that might not know the expression, a Charley Horse is when your muscles involuntarily spasm and cause horrible cramping.  Anyway, one of the quickest ways I know to get rid of a Charley Horse is to stretch and massage it.  I had Steve get down on the ground so I could get a good angle, I applied pressure to the spasm and Steve screamed at me that it moved.  What!?!  He pointed to the new location and I applied pressure there.  Once again Steve screamed at me that it moved.  What the what!?!  So I jumped to his feet and started massaging by pulling down from his thigh to his toes.  And did that for a few before his pain subsided and the Charley Horse was gone.  Whew!

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