The Classic Mutt!

If you follow me over on Instagram or Facebook you already know that I like to keep my posts on the shorter side.  You may have also noticed that I  do a getting to know me series on Wednesday's.  I thought it might be cool to bring them into my blogs so I can go into a little more detail and have a little more fun. 

For Christmas last year, one of my cool bosses at my corporate gig (sidebar: I went down to part-time, 16 hours per week, for them back in May 2019), anyway, he got us all a 23andMe Kit.  You know they've been all the craze?  I've heard some pretty interesting stories, including a friend who learned that her mom had an escape one night and her dad wasn't her biological father.  She's in her 40's by the way.  What!?!  Lucky for me there were no crazy discoveries, but here are my results:

British & Irish: 58.7%
French & German: 14.3%
Scandinavian: 2.6%
Spanish & Portuguese: 0.7%
Native American: 0.6%

Do you know your family origin?  Any cra-cra discoveries?

I'm thinking it would be fun to get the 23andMe Kit for my hubby this year.  I think he's super confident in his heritage, so it will just be fun to see if he's spot on or if there's more to his history than he thinks.


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