Night Terrors - I wish I had oils when...

Have you ever thought to yourself if only?  Or I wish?  Well, that is TOTALLY me now that I’ve been introduced to essential oils.  I often find myself laughing and saying I wish I had oils when…

No seriously, I really do think that all the time now.

When my son, Talon, was between 2 to 5ish he would get horrible night terrors.  Only I had no idea what a night terror was.  All I knew was that my lil’ man would wake up screaming bloody murder and crying.  I would go into his room and there he would be often sitting up in bed, eyes wide open, but no sign of “life.”  And my problem was that when I would go into his room to console him nothing I did worked.  I would ask him what was wrong, no response.  I would try to rub his arm or head, no response.  I would try to turn on the light, no response.  I would try clapping, no response.  I didn’t understand.  Why was my otherwise precious boy all the sudden such a jerk in the middle of the night?  Why was he ignoring me and why didn’t he respond to me?  “Talon, mommy can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong with you.”  You guessed it, no response!

After several episodes like this and me banging my head on the wall, I finally took to Google and learned that this is a “condition.”  Night terrors are a real thing with symptoms and triggers.  These episodes of screaming, fear and/or flailing while still asleep had a name.  Once I learned about night terrors, we did everything in our power to try to prevent and soothe in the moment if one occurred.

Since this isn’t a story about what I did, let me tell you why I wish I had oil when…Talon had night terrors.  I would have turned to Google once again to search “doTERRA and night terrors.”  Gotta love Google, right?  Anyway, that would yield me gobs of results about what essential oils I could use.

Lavender, because it’s revered for its calming, soothing and relaxing properties.

Another oil I would have used is Juniper Berry. It can help ease emotional and physical problems. It has a calming and grounding effect and can even purify the air.

There are a ton of uses for each of these oils individually but consider this.  Combine these two powerhouse oils and what you get is one amazing night terror blend.  You can put 2 to 3 drops of each in a diffuser or another great way is to simply apply to the bottom of your big toes.

 P.S. Even though I’m talking about wishing I had oils for my son when he was little, I just want to point out that all ages can benefit from this blend.

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