6 Oil Must-Have's for Traveling

Holy yay, it’s summer!  I’m so excited!!!  My family has some great things planned and our travels starting next Thursday.

Let me be very clear.  I travel with WAY more than 6 oils, but for the sake of not boring you to death I thought I’d highlight my must-have’s when traveling.  Also, since shifting our home over to toxin and chemical-free living it’s imperative that we have all the "good stuff" when we travel too.  Things like our shampoo, soap, facial products, toothpaste and supplements to name a few.  I mean just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to put toxins in your body – that’s when you should be really paying attention to yourself as our immunity and digestive systems tend to be put to the test when we travel.

My top 6 oils, great for travel:

DigestZen® - Get that little iciness in your tummy when you travel (sea, air or car)?  Plus, keep your digestive system on track as you eat out.

doTERRA Balance® - For the stressful moments of traveling.
doTERRA On Guard® - Helps to support your immune system.
doTERRA On Guard® Hand Sanitizer – Perfect travel sized companion for killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria.  Bonus: It smells good and doesn’t leave your hands sticky or dry either.

Peppermint – Helps with mental clarity, is a great pick-me-up and awesome at opening your airways.  Get any head tension when you travel?  This is my go-to head companion!  PLUS, it’ll help to cool your body temp down in that hot vacay sun!

ANY citrus oil (Wild OrangeLemonTangerine, etc.) – Did someone say happiness in a bottle?  Citrus oils are known for their uplifting nature.  Most are great as a natural cleanser and immunity and/or detox support too.  Safety: if applying to your body be careful with areas of sun-exposed skin for 24hrs, as citrus oils can be photosensitive.  Pro tip: adding citrus oils to your water (or adult beverages) is another great reason to bring them with you.  I personally carry Lime with me every day and everywhere!

Some guidelines for flying:

For your carry-on, 15mL is WAY below the 3oz TSA limits – you can bring as many with you that will fit in a single quart-size bag.  You also probably don't need a 15mL bottle either, if you can pare down to a 5mL instead.  AND remember, you can have one quart-size bag per person!  Pro tip: Here’s the thing – I’ve NEVER had a problem with taking my oils on the plane and I carry multiple 5 and 15mL bottles and 10mL rollers with me, they are scattered about in my purse and backpack - I don’t even clump them together in a quart sized bag.  (Of course, if you're not checking luggage and have a bunch of toiletries too, it might be nice of you to help them out by lumping things together.)  IF you are stopped and questioned about them in any way, simply state that they are your “meds.”  I know mine are!  But honestly, I just don’t foresee you having any problems.

As far as checked luggage goes…how big is your suitcase!?!  Hahaha, but seriously there are no limits, just pack them intelligently, so they don’t leak, spill or break.
I hope you and your family and friends have an amazing summer.  
Safe travels!

I'm here and happy to help if you have additional questions, need suggestions or just want to chat.

xoxo Danette

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