I wish I had oils when...the Paranormal Strikes - Pt.1

Last week I did a social post admitting that I see dead people. I actually had several people reach out to me off social media to inquire about stories and how I handle (if that's what you can call it) the experiences.

If you're "gifted" like me you may not have control over when or how you're communicated with. I totally get it. I was the same way until about 10 years ago, when my then, 2 year old started asking who the people were in our house.

The first time it happened we were heading downstairs to chill for the evening and my son pointed into the stairwell and asked "Who are they?" He was pointing at a wall with an 11x17 picture of me and my hubby, so naturally I replied "That's mommy and daddy." I honestly didn't think much of it because I figured we looked different enough and it was a black and white photo. But then he said it, "No, two men. Who are they?"

The creepy crawlies ran up and down my spine, but I didn't react. I told him they were just friends and we continued downstairs. I got Talon set up to play and I went back to the stairwell. I'm not sure what exactly made me do it, but I went to the top of the stairs so I could look at our picture and just said out loud, "I don't mind if you want to hang out here, but you're not allowed to go into my son's room."

That really was my only fear - him being haunted in his bedroom. I didn't want him to get scared, afraid of the dark or not want to go to sleep. So I suppose I just tapped into that when I presented my request.

What I thought was strange though, is that I didn't see those men, nor could I feel their presence. I had already been working to suppress my experiences, but prior to Talon being born and about a year after that event I was approached in our home.

Talon never made mention of those men again and that was that.

Not too much time had passed before we had another incident. This time Talon had gone into our bedroom. When I rounded to corner to follow him he was standing on my side of the bed and asked "Who is that lady?" Sigh, and crap! Now someone was in MY bedroom! I decided to ask Talon questions this time, because he didn't seem to lose interest and just kept staring and asking, "Who is she?"

I told Talon I didn't know, and asked what she looked liked. He told me, as well as 2 year old can, that she was hurt and made a motion around his head, telling me it was wrapped with something. I asked him to ask her name, which he did, but she wouldn't answer him.  He just kept asking me why she was hurt and could we help her.

I gently escorted Talon out of the room and got him preoccupied doing something else.  I went back into the room and told the lady that I was fine if she wanted to stay, but that she wasn't aloud to go into his room.

Again, Talon never made mention of her again and that was that.

So, something I learned through those two experiences was that if you are straightforward and state YOUR rules "they" will listen.  Yes, I know what you're thinking and you're correct, that's not always going to be the case.  I've had my fair share of negative beings and stories, but for the most part nothing too bad.

So that bring me to my main point.  I wish I had oils when...the paranormal strikes.  I'm sure the majority of you, if you've even read this far are thinking what in the world does an essential oil have to do with the paranormal, right?  You can actually use essential oils to help protect you both from environmental threats as well as your aura.  It's a technique called aromatic dressing.  Aromatic dressing is an application of applying essential oils to the body. It can make you smell amazing as well as enhance your daily life. It can make you feel in touch with yourself and in harmony.

There is a technique of aromatic dressing that I want to share with you.   I first heard about this from Vanessa Jean and was actually lucky enough to have learned it from her first hand.  Vanessa has done a You Tube video on aromatic dressing which you can watch will help you to understand what it is - that will be a way better option than me trying to explain it. 

Stay turned for next weeks blog post when I will go into some specific oils that are beneficial for protecting your aura.

Until then...

XOXO Danette

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