Ylang Ylang

Derived from unique star-shaped flowers, Ylang Ylang is often used to support healthy skin and hair, while simultaneously providing a calming effect and promoting a positive outlook.  It's also used extensively in making perfumes and in aromatherapy. 

Taken internally it can provide great antioxidant support - add dōTERRA Ylang Ylang to a refreshing drink or smoothie. For a quick pick-me-up apply a few drops of Ylang Ylang to the back of your neck.

You can blend any oils together to get the scent that you want. In particular, if you have a diffuser blend that you love, start there. It will probably smell different on your skin, but you can easily tweak it from there. The following perfume DIY offers a unique blend that's irresistible.

Women's Perfume
10 drops Whisper®
10 drops Citrus Bliss®
10 drops Lemon oil
5 drops Ylang Ylang oil
1 tablespoon witch hazel
¼ cup water

  1. Combine witch hazel and water into a small glass spray bottle and shake.
  2. Add essential oils and mix thoroughly.
  3. Mist scent over body or clothes to create your desired aroma. Mix well before each use.
  4. Shelf-life is approximately one to two weeks; keep refrigerated to extend shelf-life.  
Tip: Citrus oils can be photosensitive, so even though the citrus in this recipe is highly diluted, use caution when using on areas of the skin that will be in direct contact with UV rays. 
To enjoy more benefits and uses of dōTERRA Ylang Ylang visit the product spotlight page you will also find the sourcing video on that page too.

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