How Realtors Use Essential Oils

How Realtors Use Essential Oils:
Essential oils can help to eliminate (not mask) household odors, evoke specific emotions, clean surfaces, keep your car fresh and germ-free, brand your business and leave a lasting impression.

The easiest way to scent any room is with a diffuser. The diffuser disperses the essential oils into a fine vapor, spreading the oils into the air.  If you have the need to be more discrete, another method to deliver the aroma is to place a drop or two of essential oil onto a cotton ball & place on a shelf or in an air vent.

Closing gifts.  You can really get to know your clients throughout their home buying/selling process.  Plus you want them to think of you the next time around too.  Giving the gift of essential oils is not only thoughtful, it's also unique, a gift that lasts and shows that you paid attention to their needs and care about the longevity of your client.

Essential Oils are great for you too! A drop of Peppermint freshens breath, and when rubbed on the back of your neck, it provides an amazing boost of energy. doTERRA On Guard is a wonderful way to stay healthy and the On Guard Hand Sanitizer is far superior on-the-go way to keep your hands germ-free.  Bonus it doesn't dry them out and smells good too, so you can maintain your solid, but smooth handshakes. After a long day on your feet, doTERRA's Deep Blue is a perfect way to relax sore muscles and unwind.  These are just a few ideas to get your natural solution juices flowing.

Here's a free ebook that covers a few more details.  

Really the possibilities are endless and I would love to chat with you about the best options for you and your business.  I'm located in Colorado, but can help regardless of your physical location. Looking forward to chatting soon!


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