Mindfulness Hacks

This may be a term you're very familiar with or you might not have a clue what it really means, so let's start with the basics.  What is mindfulness?  A simple way to think about mindfulness is being present in the moment.  It means acknowledging and accepting your feelings, thoughts, and emotions - really being aware of them.  95% of our behavior runs on autopilot - mindfulness slows the brain and allows us to think intentionally, and make deliberate decisions.

Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness:
  • improve overall physical and mental health
  • help with insomnia
  • increase concentration/attention span
  • relieve anxiety, depression, stress, and PTSD
  • reduce chronic pain
  • lower blood pressure
  • gain self-control

Mindfulness Practices:
  • breathing
  • gratitude journaling
  • do not hit snooze 
  • set daily intentions
  • walking
  • short-n-frequent breaks*
  • meditation
  • yoga
  • tapping (learning more about this later)

As an essential oil educator, I think it should go without saying that you can enhance any of these mindfulness practices with a little essential oil love. That's not what I'm focusing on today though, so if you'd like suggestions or recipes, simply email me or drop them in the comments. 

*I've heard you can increase your productivity by working for 52 minutes, then taking a break for 17 minutes. The problem is that most of us feel that's counterintuitive, or we "don't have time for that," myself included. If you asked my friends and family they will tell you that I'm one of the most productive people they know. So, if you're like me and think a 17 minute break is a bit much, then try this method instead. Work for 58 minutes and take a 2 minute break. The key here is to actually do it, so if that means setting an alarm, even if you're in mid...oops had to take a break, mid-sentence you still need to physically stand up and move your body. Before you sit back down, you need to set an intention for the next 58 minutes. This will open yourself up to maximizing those 58 minutes of work.

You can create mindfulness practices with all sorts of activities that we do on autopilot daily. For example, mindful eating. This is one of those WAY easier said then done (in my opinion), but mindful eating would be especially helpful if trying to lose weight, discover food sensitivities, or help your digestive system. I know it sounds a bit silly, but if mindfulness is about slowing down and being present in the moment, think about how we can tune into our bodies to help ourselves. Chew your food thoroughly, only eat foods that you really like, so you can enjoy every bite, and listen to your body - when you're full stop or feel if your body reacting in any way.

Tips to Create Powerful Mindfulness Practices:
  • be consistent - daily
  • 5 minutes 
  • quiet or soothing environment
  • no distractions
  • be comfortable
  • feet flat on the ground (if sitting)
  • palms facing up in receivership position (if appropriate)

I honestly think that some of us feel like meditation and or being quiet with our thoughts is a near impossible task.  I totally get it.  That's why I wanted to share tapping with you, and I'm actually going to share two different forms of tapping.  If you've never heard of tapping, it's a method of physically tapping certain meridian points on the face and upper body.  This method is completely free and doesn't require any special equipment or program.  The other is braintapping or "tapping" into your brainwaves - to slow and create balance within the mind. This is a method that utilizes technology. There is an app for your phone, and they also have some optional, special, headphones that also use light therapy over the eyes while listening to the guided meditation audio. 

EFT (emotional freedom technique) Tapping:
This is the physical method. There are eight specific meridian points - 1) the meaty spot on the outside palm of your hand below the pinky (also known as the karate chop spot), 2) inside of your eyebrow, 3) side of your eye (temple), 3) underneath your eye, 4) under your nose, 5) the chin, 6) inside tip of the collarbone, 7) under your arm, about 4 inches from your armpit, and 8) the top of your head.

The cool thing about EFT Tapping is that there are 100's of thousands of YouTube videos out there to walk you through a tapping sesh.  Like an affirmation, you pick a subject and tap through your different meridian points while making statements.  I suggest you try a few different people out and find the one that meshes with you, but I personally like Brad Yates.  There are several of his videos I frequently use: Achieving Big Goals, Money Magnet Quickie, Tapping for a Million Dollars, Be a Client Magnet and Amazing Day Quickie.  Can you tell where I'm focusing my mind?  I'm a small business entrepreneur, what did you expect?  Hahaha!

Brain Tapping:
You can learn more about this method on the BrainTap website.  I am an affiliate for them, where you can try out the app for free for 15 days. I have also worked with someone local (Colorado) who uses this method as part of her practice.  So if you're interested in trying it out with the headset too, please let me know and I'll put you in touch with her.

Send you love & light!


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