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Whether you have built up a collection of essential oils or you're looking to start your wellness journey with doTERRA Essential Oils you've come to the right place...WELCOME!  The goal here is for you to feel confident in using your oils, so I'm going to cover ten of the top essential oils and teach you how you can easily incorporate them in your day-to-day use so you can maximize their many benefits.  The last thing I want is for someone to spend their hard-earned money on something and then let it sit there collecting dust because you're not exactly sure how to use them.

The easiest and most economical ways to start your holistic wellness journey with essential oils and that's the Healthy Start Kit.   Que the spiritually "aweing" music, and picture rays of light coming down from above.  Hahahaha!  If you already have a collection of oils going then chances are you'll have most, if not all of these.

First let's start with what comes in the kit so you know what you're working with.

5mL bottles
  • Lavender    
  • Lemon    
  • Peppermint    
  • Tea Tree     
  • Oregano     
  • Frankincense     
  • Deep Blue®    
  • doTERRA Breathe®     
  • doTERRA On Guard®   
  • DigestZen®
  • Brevi® Stone Diffuser

In the graphic below I'm breaking down the top ten oils by showing you a very broad overview of what each essential oil is useful for. You'll notice that several might be listed for the same use/benefit.  That's because each essential oil has its own unique chemical makeup. The chemical design of an essential oil is what determines what it is useful for — some chemical elements make an essential oil great for cleaning, while others make an oil beneficial for the skin, and still others can be used to create specific emotional responses.  The chemical makeup of an essential oil can also make it useful in multiple areas, which just means that their value vs price is that much better!  I mean you can't exactly buy a cough syrup that can also clean your countertops, can you?  Hahaha!  That's a silly example, but it's totally true when you're dealing with natural, chemical-free solutions. 

I hope you're finding this useful so far, but here's where it gets really good.  I have a free ebook for you that covers 100 ways to use the top ten essential oils shown above.  All ten of these oils come in the Healthy Start Kit that I mentioned earlier.  This ebook will help you to see the value of each of these oils as well as the multitude of uses that each of them have.  Remember this is just the tip of the iceberg - there are many, many other ways to use each of these gifts of the earth, this is just a compact and easy reference.

If you are new to doTERRA and you now you're so excited you can't wait to get your hands on this kit AND have the ongoing support and education from me and my Wellness spOILed community, PLUS get our welcome package filled with goodies to help you put these beauties to use then just click here to GET THE HEALTHY START KIT today, it's only $160!  Or I'm always available to answer any questions (new or existing oil users), so don't hesitate to reach out.


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