Halloween Recipes

Hundreds of years ago, the tradition that we now know as Halloween looked MUCH different.  People would dress up as saints and visit neighbors and perform "ceremonies" around bonfires to ward off evil.  Today, most of us, delight in dressing up in costumes "just because" and visit our neighbors to collect candy.  It's a good excuse to have a party, decorate, carve pumpkins, eat fun food, and enjoy friendships and being silly.

I've never been a huge fan of Halloween, however, since having a kid I've learned to embrace all those things.  So, in an effort to share the joys and fun-nature of Halloween I thought I'd share some of my favorite Halloween specific recipes in this one-stop-shop for your Halloween recipes powered by doTERRA essential oils.

Calm the Witch - a rollerball recipe, is perfect for those that need a little liquid chill "pill" - this helps calm, destress, and ground you when you're filling the stressors of the kids screaming, running, trying to take on too many tasks at once, etc.

Who wouldn't want some Halloween Popcorn!?  A sweet and spicy treat that everyone will love, yum!

The Trick or Treat Diffuser Blend is super sweet and uplifting.  Talk about a good mood!

This recipe might not be for my friends in Florida, but I suppose you could sever it cold over ice (tee-hee!).  But, for my friends in cooler climates, where the weather on Halloween can by iffy, this kid-friendly Witch's Brew might be the healthier alternative to hot chocolate that warms you from the inside out.

This Pumpkin Preserving Spay is a MUST!  You didn't spend all that time carving your pumpkin for it to start wilting away within days, so you can't even tell if you carved a bat or a ghost.  An even more simple trick is to spray your On Guard Sanitizing Mist or just some On Guard essential oil on it.

What is a Halloween Hangover?  Um, that would be when the kids (or you, if we're being honest) over indulge in the candy bounty.  You can use this recipe in a couple different ways; rub one drop of each on the tummy in trouble or for adults and kids 12+ you can take one drop each internally in an empty veggie capsule. Want to try to ward off those sugar cravings?  Add a drop of Slim and Sassy oil to your Witch's Brew.  Boom!  A two-in-one treat!

I know you don't always bookmark these blog posts, so here's a downloadable with some Halloween Potions.pdf.  I've got some that are the same or slightly different versions of what I've already shared, but there's a few new ones too.  Wishing you and your families a fun and safe Halloween! 


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