Essential Valentine's DIY Gifts

Nothing says love (or friendship) like a homemade Valentine's Day gift.  Whether you want a cute DIY project for a school Valentine or a crafty gift for friends, co-workers and loved ones, the ideas are limitless.  

Check out these 6 cute doTERRA oil bottle PRINTABLES:
"I'll Oilways Be Your Friend"

"Oil You Be Mine?"

"You're the Oil of My Eye"

"Oil is in the Air"

"I Like You Oil-Lot!"

"I Oily Like You"

Here's a cute and lip-licking DIY idea: Valentine Lollipops.  These could be used for kids treats that you can attach the printable oil bottle Valentine's to.  Or who am I kidding, what adult wouldn't be thrilled to get a little treat? 

Sugar scrubs are fantastic at gently exfoliating and hydrating our skin, so if you want to impress your friends with a refreshing and useful treat, give this DIY recipe a try.  You can get super creative with how to "package" these super sweet Strawberry-Lime Sugar Scrubs too.  The aroma of the Lime essential oil in this sugar scrub is uplifting and helps get/keep you in a good mood, but was also chose for it's powerful cleansing properties.  

If you'd like additional essential oil inspired recipes and tips for Valentine's Day check out the free e-book I created last year: Pamper Yourself with doTERRA.  It's packed full of diffuser blends, bath bombs food and drink recipes and more.

I hope you have a special Valentine's Day.


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