Babies & Essential Oils

Essential oils are such a great addition to have in your natural solution tool box.  You probably know that essential oils are potent and pack a powerful punch, even with adults.  However, you need not worry about using them with you little bambino, especially if you follow the safety and dilution tips.  Because infants, especially, don't even require a full drop one of the best methods of applying essential oils on them is to create a roller bottle with a drop of the essential(s) you'd like and fill the rest with a carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil, jojoba, etc. 

Use the dilution chart below to help with all ages in the family.

Use the following Babies & doTERRA Essential Oils downloadable to save (or print) in a convenient spot.  It's got over 10 recipes for everything baby.

doTERRA has a good blog post on Using Oils in the Home: Nursery.  Aside from giving you a few oils you should keep in the nursery, there's also a few DIY's and a link to a whole video series on mothers and babies.  

If you've been around the essential oil community you've probably heard people talking about putting essential oils on their feet.  There are many reason for this, but the most widely accepted reason is to take advantage of the various reflexology points.  For example I apply a drop of my night-time blend (doTERRA Serenity) to the bottom of my big toe because your toes correlate to your head/brain.  What used to take my 45 minutes to a hour to fall asleep now takes me less than 5 minutes, no joke!  So anyway, here's a easy to follow graphic on the reflexology of a baby foot.

If you have any questions, need suggestions or help with anything don't hesitate to reach out.  My essential oil community is all about spOILing you with support and education.


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