doTERRA Essential Oil: 7 Day Challenge

I don't sell essential oils.  

I sell a healthy lifestyle.  I sell a wellness community.   I sell natural solutions.

One of the things you get when you purchase your doTERRA essential oils and other natural solutions through me is ongoing support and education.  I believe that one of the most important parts of any purchase is actually using it.  I get it, you have good intentions, but sometimes you just aren't sure exactly how to incorporate your new health and wellness products into your daily routine.

If you've already started your doTERRA essential oil journey through me, then you've already received TONS of different ideas on how to use your products.  As simple as I try to make things, sometimes it's just hard to remember what oil was good for what or where you were supposed to apply it.  It's all good, I totally understand.  The main reason is that you haven't yet incorporated these amazing products into your daily routine.

I typically suggest that you leave the items out on the counter and/or in the areas where you'll want them.  Start slowly, if that works better for you, and add one new product or oil into your daily habits. Habit stacking works wonders.  For example, people habit stack getting ready for bed.  Getting ready for bed often includes brushing your teeth, flossing and/or using mouthwash, putting on pj's, etc. Our brains don't associate each individual habit we're doing as separate tasks.  Instead, because they're all in the same setting for the same purpose, it's simply one task - getting ready for bed.  So, if there's an oil or supplement that belongs in your "getting ready for bed" routine, then insert that product by placing the item where it will trigger you to use it.

"They," experts, say that creating consistency is the key.  Simple habits can form in 21 days.

Below is a FREE eBook - doTERRA Essential Oil: 7 Day Challenge.  Each day will encourage you to take your Lifelong Vitality Supplements (as these are key to the foundation of your health), and then will give you 2 new suggestions.  Pick one, do them both, but give it a try.  Make a note of which ones you liked and repeat the process.  

On day 4, it suggests putting a drop of Frankincense under your tongue.  This is part of my morning habit stacking.  After I brush my teeth, part of my morning routine is to put a drop of Frankincense under my tongue.  Why?  It's a super easy and quick way to make sure I'm getting Frankincense in my system daily.  For me, it's a must as Frankincense helps support healthy cellular function, immune and nervous systems, among MANY, MANY other benefits.

Go ahead and give this guide a try, it's super simple.

I'm always here to support you, so if you have questions along the way or need help with something specific, don't hesitate to reach out.


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