Simple-n-fun DIYs

Amidst the uncertainty, our stay at home orders and these super crazy times, I thought it would be fun to share some super simple, but fun Do It Yourself (DIY) recipes.  Something to take your mind off what's going on right now.  Something to help you use common household ingredients as well as a few upcycling ideas too.

The first is a unique and colorful diffuser:  Water Bead Diffuser

Have you ever thought of how to upcycle your empty supplement bottles?  Make your own Bird Feeder (pictured is doTERRA's Veggie Cap bottle)

Conventional dryer sheets are typically filled with mysterious ingredients and most on the market are super bad for us too - from a toxic level.  So, here's an idea of how to use basic kitchen sponges with these Lavender Dyer Sponges.

Have a ton of leftover essential oil bottles shoved away in a drawer?  Get creative and tun them into Decorative Planters

Like these ideas and want more?  doTERRA has an awesome blog where you can find food and diffuser recipes and it's packed full of DIYs too. Visit and in the search bar type "DIY" then click on "Blog."  I also have a ton more of my own, so don't ever hesitate to reach out to me directly.  

I'm praying for and sending you positive thoughts and vibes.


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