Essential Oil HACKS!

Properties like cleansing, purifying and invigorating put Lemon essential oil in a category of being one of the most versatile oils.  At $11 (US) a bottle, it's also one of the most affordable gems to have in your arsenal.  Most, if not all (cause I can't think of one that doesn't), essential oils have multiple uses and benefits.   Since doTERRA has a wide variety of natural solution products that contain these multi-purpose essential oils, it only stands to reason that you could use a product for something other than it's intended or marketed purpose.

I thought it might be helpful and stretch your dollar even more, if I shared some unique ways to use your essential oils and products too!

The eBook (below) walks you through some essential oil and product hacks.  There are a ton, in fact I've done two other blog posts on other essential oil hacks, but today I'm focusing on about 27 product/essential oil hacks.   Including things like sunburn soother, shaving cream, deodorant, nail polish remover, liquid band-aid , making fresh flowers last longer and a bunch more.

Is there one you saw that you know your 100% going to try?  Is there one that you expected to see, but didn't?  I'm always happy to share, but love hearing what you're doing to get the most out of your essential oil products by "hacking" them.  Drop me a comment and share with us!


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