Yoga & Essential Oils

Let's start off by talking about yoga.  What is yoga?  Yoga translates to "union" and in basic and modern times it is a discipline of physical, mental and even spiritual practices - the union of mind, body and breathing.  When I say spiritual, I don't mean as in a religion, I just mean that you can develop deep connections within yourself.  Yoga is a practice of breathing, exercise and meditation all rolled into one.  It's fluid.  It takes skill both mentally and physically and is an excellent way to improve your overall health and happiness.  

The primary health benefits of practicing yoga are:

  • learn meditative breathing techniques

  • build strength

  • tone and defining muscles

  • support joint health

  • improve flexibility and balance

  • reduce stress

  • promotes a clear mental calmness

What about the poses and particular yoga phrases?  Om, Namaste, Mantra, Pranayama, Bandha, Asana, Vinyasa, and on and on and on. Simply put, there are a ton of them, but you don't have to know any of them to have a positive experience at a yoga class, even if it's your first time.

Asana - simply refers to the physical poses.  Below are just some of the ideal yoga poses you can start with.

Pranayama - refers to the breathing techniques.
Vinyasa - refers to the style of yoga (which could be a whole other blog post).
Namaste - is both a greeting and salutation, with the literal translation of, "I bow to you."  However when used in yoga, namaste, is simply a respectful hello or parting word.
Mantra - is a word or phrase.  
Om - is a very common mantra and spiritural symbol used in yoga practice.  If you'd like to dive deeper into understanding this popular yogi word check out the details in Divinitions blog post: What does Om Mean in Yoga  


As you many know by now, essential oils influence mood and emotions. They have a direct connection between the nasal passages and the limbic or " instinctive brain. " When essential oils reach the olfactory bulb, odor impulses travel directly to the limbic system, specifically the hypothalamus, which strives to bring the body back into homeostasis or a balanced state. Each essential oil has therapeutic properties in that they are stimulating, calming, balancing, sedative, etc. When you smell an essential oil that is vibrationally calming to the body, then the limbic system will confirm by sending the message to relax and calm the body. In this way, essential oils provide new energetic imprints or patterns in our thinking, much like the practice of yoga.  Yoga and essential oils work in tandem to help us to design our moods and create new moments where we are in charge of our emotional state, and how it is released from us into the world.

doTERRA has an exclusive trio of CPTG® essential oil blends designed for the yogi in you. Anchor, Align, and Arise are the perfect blends to enhance your life and yoga practice. These blends provide aromas to steady, center, and enlighten your spirit through every breath while strengthening and stretching your body.  This trio of oil blends was designed to support your yoga practice by promoting feelings of completeness, calmness and courage - Anchor, encourage harmony - Align and instill feelings of happiness, clarity and courage - Arise. 

Below is a eBook that will guide you through incorporating these doTERRA yoga blend beauties into your yoga practice.  It even includes a DIY: yoga mat spray.

Thank you for popping in to learn how to incorporate doTERRA essential oils into your yoga practice.  I'm sure you know that there are many more oils and blends, aside from doTERRA's Yoga Collection that would make great additions to your time on the mat.  I've provided you with two yoga sprays below, one is grounding and the other is unfitting, but if you'd like additional suggestions don't hesitate to reach out to me.  If you already have some ideas that you use and would like to share with us, drop your favs in the comments below.  After all, we're a wellness community, here to help one another.


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