Immunity Wellness Program

Our immunity is ALWAYS an important topic - something that should be top of mind for us daily.  As I write this though, we're living in different times...unprecedented times...down right scary times.  Our kiddos are back to school, but are they attending school in-person, online or some blended model, or did you choose to home school?  Are you confident with how you're protecting your family?  Do you feel that cloth mask you're wearing is doing it's job?  If you're reading this so far in the future that you have no earthly idea what I'm referring to, I'm sooooo glad you're clueless.  But to answer the mystery for ya, we've been in a global pandemic for the past 5 months.  

The principal point of this post is to give you confidence and truly help you feel empowered with your choices when it comes to boosting your immune system naturally.

Let's start with a couple free options that are found in nature. 

Sunlight is a wonderful "tool" to help us boost our immune systems.  Not only do we know that vitamin D comes from sunlight, but we know that vitamin D has a positive impact on our immunity.  Sunlight also energizes our T-cells, which play a critical role in our immune response by killing infected host cells, activating it's buddies (other immune cells), and producing cytokines (proteins) which regulate the immune response.

Next up, fresh air.  Not recycled air from behind a mask, but good ol' fresh air.  This is very simple.  Being outside and breathing in fresh air is proven to help create a stronger immune system, so make it a point to get outside very single day, breathe in and out, and enjoy yourself.

Some other common tips to strengthen your immune system naturally are eating healthy, drinking plenty of water (about 1/2 your body weight in ounces is recommended), exercising, getting adequate sleep, and stay calm and managing your stress.  I can't really help you with your food and water intake.  I can help you with some tools to motivate you to exercise and move your body, but let's be real honest, really it's going to come down to your own drive.  But where I can help, if you're struggling, is with your sleep and in the de-stressing department.  I have a little de-stress gift for you if you'd like one - 5 tips to de-stress naturally index card along with an oil sample of one of my all time favorite blends - Adaptiv™.  If you're interested in trying the doTERRA essential oil designed to help you relax and manage those stressful situations for FREE, 
fill out this short form.

Okay, now we're getting into the juicy stuff.  doTERRA is launching new Wellness Programs on October 1st.  These are super simple ways to target a specific health goal and get the exact products you'll want and need to help you achieve your goals.  I've always said that being apart of the Wellness spOILed community is to help you take the overwhelm out of using essential oils and related natural products, but this takes that concept to a whole new level.  Not only will you get the products you'll need, but you'll also get the instructions for a regimen that will support those targeted health goals.  And better yet, I'll still be here to help you!

Starting October 1st doTERRA is launching three of these programs: Immunity, Relief and Mind & Mood.  Today I'm going to focus on Immunity.  The Immunity Wellness Program is all about protecting, strengthening and responding - let's dive in.  The Immunity Wellness Program is designed to provide you with a set of products that have been carefully selected by doctors, scientist, and researchers, who have decades of experience using essential oils and natural products, to support the immune system.

How it works.  You sign up.  You use the products.  You boost your immunity naturally!  

In the first month you're going to receive Kit 1 in a reusable neoprene bag: 3 essential oils - On Guard, Purify and Wild Orange, along with several items from the On Guard line - Sanitizing Mist, Foaming Hand Wash, travel size Toothpaste, and a bonus item you can't purchase, On Guard dental floss.  

If you like it and want to keep going the second month you'll receive Kit 2 in a eco-friendly recyclable bag: 2 oils - Grapefruit and Tea Tree, several more items from the On Guard line - Softgels, Beadlets, more Sanitizing Mist, a travel size Mouth Wash, and the bonus item is a tongue scraper.  

Loving it so far, keep going and in the third month you'll receive Kit 3 in an eco-friendly recyclable bag: 5 essential oils - Oregano, Breathe, Frankincense Touch, On Guard Touch, and Stronger, plus another On Guard Sanitizing Mist, On Guard Wipes, a travel size bottle of empty veggie capsules, and the bonus item you can't purchase, a cute Sanitizing Mist holder.  If you're still in love with the Immunity Wellness Program it'll start over again with Kit 1, because if you're using them, you're going to start running out the products and need refills.

Pretty awesome, right!?!  Now, in case you don't know, or haven't picked up on it, dōTERRA On Guard® is the Protective Blend.  It does such an amazing job and supporting a healthy immunity that dōTERRA developed a full line of On Guard products.  And just in case you were wondering here are the single oils that make up this immune supporting blend:

I can't wait to help you with these targeted Wellness Program kits.  I just can't believe how simple and easy it will be for to boost our immune systems naturally!


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