Top 3 Reasons to Declutter

As you may know by now, as a holistic health & lifestyle coach, I firmly believe in the power of self-care. But what does self-care have to do with clutter? Simply put, when you regularly schedule in time to declutter your space it can be a powerful self-care practice - putting you in control of your emotional well-being and overall health. 

4 Health Benefits of being Clutter-Free:
1) IMPROVE SLEEP - Living in a clutter-free space can help to minimize distractions and the busy thoughts that run through our minds. It also brings about a sense of peace and joy, which in-turn allows us to rest easier.

2) BOOST FOCUS & PRODUCTIVITY - Even though I think I do it all the time, multi-tasking is next to impossible to do. Having a clean and tidy space allows us to focus on the important to-do's first.

3) REDUCE STRESS & ANXIETY - We can't help but feel a bit irritable when our space or minds are filled with clutter, we subconsciously constantly have it on our brains. Our stress levels are high when we're in a time crunch and being disorganized and having a cluttered space can spike our stressors.

4) ELIMINATE ALLERGENS & TOXINS - Having a cluttered space creates a thriving habitat for dust and mites that can be a pesky problem for our sinuses. Being clutter-free will also help eliminate air pollutants and toxins too.

Top 3 Reasons to Declutter:
1) MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME - We've all been there, shuffling through papers and drawers trying to find that "one" thing. When you're organized and have less clutter to look through you'll inevitably find things quicker. By staying on top of your clutter and tiding up as you go, you'll also save time by not have to spend hours in a massive clear out and clean up project. Plus you'll be visitor ready at all times!

2) STRESS LESS - Clutter becomes visually distracting [for most of us]. There are studies showing that clutter affects our ability to focus and increases stress levels. Having an abundance of stuff can cause us to forget to appreciate what we have, so staying decluttered can actually encourage our gratitude and there are numerous studies linking gratitude with reduced stress and anxiety. 

3) SAVE MONEY - When we live in a disorganized and clutter-filled space we often times don't even remember that we already have something, so we just buy another. When you do finally take the time to declutter you'll probably find multiples of things. If it's not a consumable that's been opened you could potentially sell the extra(s) and put money back in your pocket. Having a decluttered space can also decrease your risk of breaking things, so you won't have to spend your precious money to replace an item.

Cleaning up the clutter should include a declutter of your mind too. The physical declutter is part of the process, but our mind is even more important than a decluttered space! We only have one mind and there is no escape from our thoughts. 

3 Ways to Declutter Your Mind:
1) BRAIN DUMP - Birthdays, appointments, phone numbers, meetings, errands, to-do's you name it! We can overwhelm our minds with unnecessary information. Utilize the tools we have in our modern world, there no sense in trying to remember everything, that what we have phone apps, calendars, post-it notes, and organizers for.

2) LIMIT INTAKE - There are so many methods for us to receive information is almost real-time - TV, phone, social media, newspapers, magazines, vlogs/blogs, and the ever time-suck of the internet can overload and flood our minds with too much info. Know yourself. Set time limits, choose not to watch/look, unsubscribe, unfollow, and make sure you're taking time away from it all at least 30 minutes before bed.   

3) MEDITATE/JOURNAL - It's so important to find time to be present in the moment. To focus on your breath, the gratitude you have and reduce that inner chatter. If meditation seems daunting, I suggest a guided meditation - it will help you to be more focused and start small. 2 minutes, 5 minutes, work yourself up to whatever time level you've decided is appropriate for your needs. Writing things down can help being clarity, allows you to "let go" and honestly increases your chances of achieving that big goal or dream you've declared. 

Essential oils have many benefits. One of those benefits is the power of their aroma. Each essential oil has chemical properties that make it good for one thing or another, including emotional benefits. Here's is a essential oil diffuser blend specifically crafted to help you clean up the clutter - both in motivating the physical action of cleaning up your clutter as well as supporting you in decluttering the mind.

Lemongrass is the oil of cleansing. It's a powerful cleanser of energy and helps as we heal and let go of our past.

Lime is the oil of zest for life. It encourages cheer and joy in our heart while reminding us to be grateful for our life. Lime also assists with balance between the heart and mind giving us the courage to face life's challenges.

Douglas Fir is the oil of generational wisdom. It allows you to release any destructive traditions passed down and let go of any harmful patterns. It teaches us to step into our new beginnings while taking the wisdom from our past.

(inspired takeaway from the Emotions & Essential Oils book)

At the end of the day having a decluttered home and mind isn't about our physical space or mental aptitude. The main idea is that you'll have the time, energy and mental capacity to enjoy the people and activities in your life that really ignite you.


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