12 Days of Christmas - doTERRA Style

According to our friend Google The Twelve Days of Christmas is a song that was published in England way back in 1780. There are twelve verses which accumulate gifts that were given by a lover on each of the twelve days of Christmas. There have been many versions of the song of the years, here is my personal favorite by Pentatonix:

Now then, we know The Twelve Days of Christmas is from a  l o n g  time ago. You know what else is from a long time ago? Yep, essential oils! They actually date back to Babylonian times. So I wanted to take you on a 12 Days of Christmas - doTERRA Style!

On the first day of Christmas doTERRA gave to me: one amazing, heartfelt company
doTERRA was founded in 2008 with a mission to share the highest quality essential oils in the world. Through their commitment not only have they succeeded in creating a new standard of quality: CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade™, but they've also been able to provide sustainable jobs not just in the United States, but across the globe and more importantly in third world countries where they partner with the local farmers, harvesters, and distillers. And even more heartfelt is their passion to help those communities, where they meet their needs; wells, schools, and medical facilities to name a few.

On the second day of Christmas doTERRA gave to me: the perfect synergistic essential oil pairing
Frankincense and Myrrh (which anyone can get free this month, btw) individually are rockstar oils that are renowned. When you pair these two together you create an explosion of synergy that basically means they have more therapeutic advantages because of their multitude of characteristics. 

On the third day of Christmas doTERRA gave to me: the beginner's trio
As a simple first step on your journey with essential oils, we recommend a trio of three of the most popular oils: Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint. They are special, unique, and versatile on there own, but the three together make the perfect seasonal threat blend.

On the fourth day of Christmas doTERRA gave to me: four Co-Impact stories
With more than 140 origin oils in its product line, doTERRA sources its oils from over 45 countries—more than half of which could be considered developing countries. To ensure that small scale farmers and harvesters in disadvantaged areas are treated ethically, doTERRA has introduced an initiative called Co-Impact Sourcing. 

On the fifth day of Christmas doTERRA gave to me: five ways to give back 
Every penny of your donations go directly to the cause as doTERRA International generously donates to cover all overhead and operating/administrative expenses of the doTERRA Healing Hands® projects, programs and initiatives around the world. There are 5 ways you can empower change:

1) dōTERRA Hope® Touch Essential Oil Blend combines the fresh scent of Bergamot with Ylang Ylang and Frankincense, then sweetened slightly with the warming aroma of Vanilla Bean Absolute. doTERRA Hope Touch can be applied to the neck, wrists, and pulse points to experience a refreshing scent throughout the day. This oil blend purchase directly support efforts to fight human-trafficking worldwide. 
2) doTERRA SPA Rose Hand Lotion is a silky, hydrating lotion abundantly infused with CPTG® essential oil of Bulgarian Rose. 
3) Cash donations - this can be done through the doTERRA Healing Hands website or customers can check a $1 donation box at checkout.
4) doTERRA’s Emergency Relief Hygiene Kit has been designed to help those who  need it most during disaster situations. Each donated kit will be distributed on your behalf through partnerships with charitable organizations around the globe.
5) Fundraise and/or get involved in projects. Visit the above link to learn more.

On the sixth day of Christmas doTERRA gave to me: six Christmas Room Sprays
Recipes are for a 2oz bottle, add oils and top with water, witch hazel, cheep vodka or combo of water and witch hazel or water and vodka. You can also make in larger sized bottles, just increase the number drops of essential oils to suite your desired strength.

On the seventh day of Christmas doTERRA gave to me: seven elf helpers to get you ready for the big day

On the eighth day of Christmas doTERRA gave to me: my eight favorite essential oils
1) dōTERRA Serenity® - creates a restful environment
2) Frankincense - "king of oils" for so many reason: overall health and wellness
3) Copaiba - aches & discomforts, antioxidant, calm & soothe nervous system
4) Wild Orange - happiness in a bottle and energy boost
5) doTERRA Citrus Bloom™ - healthy, uplifting frame of mind & natural perfume
6) doTERRA Immortelle - anti-aging, renewing, beautifying
7) doTERRA Adaptiv™ - all things mental wellness: focus, stress, anxiety, fatigue, irritable, nervous
8) Rose - "queen of oils" for all things skin: rejuvenating, complexion, skin imperfections, soothing

On the ninth day of Christmas doTERRA gave to me: nine essential oil DIY holiday recipes

On the tenth day of Christmas doTERRA gave to me: ten reasons to love LRP
LRP stands for Loyalty Reward Program. It's a totally customizable monthly ordering subscription box for all your health and wellness needs. As a wholesale customer you get 25% off retail prices, plus have the option of participating in LRP where you can:

1) Earn free product
2) Get special discounts on supplements and specially curated collections
3) Earn free product
4) Monthly promotions
5) Earn free product
6) Save money
7) Earn free product
8) Free shipping
9) Earn free product
10) Save time

On the eleventh day of Christmas doTERRA gave to me: my eleven non-oil favorites
doTERRA is far more than just pure essential oils. They have supplements, personal care products, and cleaning products too. Everything is ethically sourced and free from toxins and harsh chemicals.

1) Lifelong Vitality (LLV) Supplements
2) Shampoo & Conditioner
3) Hydrating Cream
4) Beautiful Body Mist
5) Dishwasher & Laundry Pods
6) Veráge Moisturizer
7) Natural Deodorant (infused with doTERRA essential oils)
8) abode™ Multipurpose Surface Cleaner Concentrate                                          
9) doTERRA Spa Refreshing Body Wash
10) doTERRA Spa Lip Balm
11) Correct-X® Essential Ointment

On the twelfth day of Christmas doTERRA gave to me: twelve reasons to use LLV
LLV is short for dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®. As one of doTERRA's most popular products, LLV is full of essential nutrients, metabolism benefits, and powerful antioxidants designed to help promote energy, health, and lifelong vitality. 

1) Stress management
2) Antioxidant and DNA protection
3) Immune function
4) Non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free
5) Healthy hair, skin and nails
6) Eyes, brain and nervous system support
7) Digestive and liver function
8) Cardiovascular health
9) Bone strength and wellness
10) Energy and focus
11) Gentle on stomach
12) Convenient and affordable

I hope you've enjoyed the doTERRA version of the 12 Days of Christmas. As always, I'm happy to address any questions and am here to support you with all your health and wellness needs!


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