Respiratory Wellness Program

According to the World Health Organization the top 5 respiratory diseases are: COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), asthma, acute lower respiratory tract infections, TB (tuberculosis), and lung cancer. Plus, more than 100 million, or 1-6% of adults, around the globe suffer from sleep apnea. 

With respiratory diseases and other factors that we can’t control like the quality of the air we breathe looming over us, what can we do to prevent and combat respiratory issues?

Don’t smoke! Something we’re all taught in school, seems simple enough, but yet smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of lung cancer and COPD.  

Exercise. Regardless of your physic, regularly moving your body will help keep your lungs healthy.  

Stay healthy. The common cold or flu can lead to more serious issues. So, we should be preventative with our measures on staying healthy and avoiding infections to begin with. Some simple solutions to help with this are keeping good hygiene – washing hands frequently and good oral hygiene, get your daily dose of vitamin D – spend at least 20 minutes outside, and I advocate for using immunity boosting natural solutions like dōTERRA On Guard.

Avoid air pollution. Okay, yes I know, we can’t always control our external environment – like air quality. Much of the air we breathe contains chemicals, particles, smoke, and more that can cause respiratory impairment. But, improving the air quality when you can is a must. Use a diffuser to dispense high quality essential oils into the air to help purify the air in your personal environment. You can also use dōTERRA Tangerine, Lemon, which are high in limonene, or other citrus oils internally to help gently detox the impurities out of your system.

You know being part of the Wellness spOILed community has it perks! I’ve done my research and decided to partner with dōTERRA essential oils because of their quality and purity. Their mission, like mine, is to empower you, so back in October 2020 they introduced Targeted Wellness Programs, coming out with 3 programs: Immunity, Relief, and Mind & Mood. And starting April 1, 2021 they released two more programs: Sleep and Respiratory.

These are super simple ways to target a specific health goal and get the exact products you'll want and need to help you achieve your goals.  I've always said that being a part of the Wellness spOILed community is to help you take the overwhelm out of using essential oils and related natural products, but this takes that concept to a whole new level.  Not only will you get the products you'll need, but you'll also get the instructions for a regimen that will support those targeted health goals.  And better yet, I'll still be here to help you!  

Today I’m clearly talking about our lung health, so I want to share the new program to help with all your respiratory needs. The Respiratory Wellness Program is all about helping you breathe in and breathe out with ease.

How it works. You sign up. You use the products. You're be able to breathe in and breathe out with ease.

In the first month you're going to receive Kit 1 in a reusable neoprene bag: 3 essential oils - Breathe®, Lime, and Cardamom, plus Breathe® Respiratory Drops and Peppermint Beadlets (beadlets are teeny-tiny and contain ¼ drop of oil) and a bonus items you can't purchase, a handheld reusable aroma diffuser.  

If you liked the first month and want to keep going the second month you'll receive Kit 2 in a eco-friendly recyclable bag: 3 oils – Eucalyptus, Breathe® Touch, and Laurel Leaf (which isn’t in dōTERRA line-up yet), plus TriEase® Softgels. The bonus item is a passive shower diffuser.  

Loving your tools to help you breathe with ease? If you continue on to the final and third month you'll receive Kit 3 in an eco-friendly recyclable bag: 4 essential oils – Air-X™, Peppermint, Ravintsara (again not currently part of dōTERRA oils you can purchase), and On Guard®, plus a Breathe® Vapor Stick, and the bonus item you cannot purchase is a car clip diffuser.

If you choose to stay on the Respiratory Wellness Program, after the third month, you'll shift back to Kit 1 to repeat.  This is a full 90-day program, and daily use of your products is highly encouraged, and will result in you needing to start replenishing them. You can choose to stop or pause any of the programs at any time.  And yes, you can do more than one wellness program at the same time!  

I’ve been loving the original 3 Wellness Programs: Immunity, Relief, and Mind & Mood, and I just got my first month of the Sleep program in the mail. Not that I need help with sleep anymore, as I’ve totally resolved my 20 year battle with insomnia, but because I use a lot of those products anyway, so it just made sense to get the cute kit, with the bonus goodies that you can’t purchase otherwise. Right!? 

Regardless of your needs, dōTERRA has created simple solutions to meet you where you’re at on your wellness journey. I look forward to you easily incorporating these into your routine and just remember I’m still here to help guide you and ensure you’re fully confident and supported on your wellness journey. 


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