New Year Planning Tips

What another whack-a-doo year 2021 has been, in spite of all the drama we made it! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Some of us a bit more scuffed than others, but we are here nonetheless. I could run you down a list of pitfalls that 2021 bestowed upon my family, however since I preach gratitude, I thought I'd share a few highlights.

1) On a personal front, my son started high school and has done an amazing job of transitioning to a private school where he didn't know anyone. He's excelling academically, made the golf team, and has been playing and/or working out/practicing with the lacrosse guys 3-days a week since the fall in hopes of making the team this spring.

2) doTERRA as a company is making phenomenal strides in the way recognition within the medical community. They released a bunch of new products this past September, including the Deep Blue™ Stick that touts OTC (over the counter) claims, an entire home health product line, and the much anticipated production of Vanilla to name a few.

3) I finally hired a business coach to help me turn all the ideas in my head into a reality, so you'll be seeing new stuff from me this year with a focus on self-care and the release of my book.

If you follow me with any consistency then you know I'm more about building sustainable daily habits rather than "resolutions" however, I also know that almost all of us look at the beginning of the new year as a time to regroup, refocus, set goals, etc., so I wanted to give you some tools and practical suggestions to help with planning and building those daily healthy habits.

Essential oils can take your workout to the next level while also making your activities more enjoyable. Apply energizing oils to your neck or chest for a pre-workout boost. After exercising, massage tied muscles with soothing oils or add them to an Epsom Salt bath.

Essential Oils for Exercise:
dōTERRA Breathe® - Respiratory Blend
Slim & Sassy® - Metabolic Blend
Deep Blue® - Soothing Blend (oil, rub, stick)
AromaTouch® - Massage Blend

Our bodies cannot function properly when they're overwhelmed with toxins. Personal care products, the environment, and even our food can be filed with toxins. Help your body detox by adding lemon essential oil to your water each day, supplement with whole-food form solutions, and choose natural products free from chemicals and nasty ingredients.

Essential Oils for Detox:
GX Assist® - Cleansing Formula
PB Assist® + - Probiotic Defense Formula
Zendocrine® - Detoxification Blend
dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality® Supplements 

Essential oils can help relax and calm the mind. Apply a drop of oil to your temples, wrists, or back of neck when feeling overwhelmed. Find an oil, or a combination of oils, that brings you to a state of relaxation and keep it near you at all times (especially when you're on-the-go, cause we all know that's when stuff can get crazy). Oh, and don't forget to breathe.

Essentials Oils to Reduce Stress:
Adaptiv™ - Calming Blend
dōTERRA Peace® - Reassuring Blend
dōTERRA Balance® - Grounding Blend

Similar to using essential oils clam and relax the mind to manage stress, the same is true for supporting a quality night sleep. Essential oils applied topically and/or inhaled along with specific supplements and a healthy bedtime routine will help give you the upper hand with how much sleep you get each night.

Essential Oils for Sleep:
dōTERRA Serenity® - Restful Blend
dōTERRA Serenity® Restful Complex Softgels
dōTERRA Calmer® Restful Blend
dōTERRA Lifelong Vitality® Supplements 

If you haven't already done so, may I suggest a short reflection of 2021. A year end review allows us to focus on the positive that came from the year, rather than the negative that we all have a laundry list of. This year end reflection isn't about filling in every blank, but is a guide to help you in pulling out some optimistic takeaways from 2021. 
A great way to start the new year is to look ahead into what you'd like your 2022 to look like. Writing down a new year vision and some goals is a fantastic way to let the universe know you're looking to take control of your year and not "let life happen to you." Plus, I believe life doesn't happen TO you, but rather it happens FOR you. Let that sink in as you use this short guide. 

Using a word of the year is a way to keep your vision and goals for the new year in focus. In other words try writing down your 3 goals and then see if there's a common theme among them. A word you can write down at put on your bathroom mirror or get a piece of jewelry to wear. A word that will help you quickly remember your vision for 2022.

In case you're curious: 
My word for 2021 was Aware - my focus was to be aware of my business, my relationships, my actions, my feelings, and the little signs that come to us each and every day. My word for 2022 is Confidence - my vision is to exude confidence in all areas of my life so others with have confidence in me. I want to have confidence in my business decisions, within my relationships, to know who I am as a person and to walk with confidence in what I'm trying to accomplish (both business and personal).
Wishing you a happy and healthy new year! Let me know how I can help YOU!


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