3-Step Metabolic System

Over the last few weeks we’ve been discussing the critical role our metabolic system plays in our overall health and wellness – beyond just whether or not we feel good about the size and shape of our body. 

In the first week, I rolled out the conversation by revealing the Metabolic Awakening we should be paying attention to. That exploration led to the dōTERRA® MetaPWR™ Metabolic Assist, a supplement that comes alongside your healthy lifestyle to help regulate and stabilize your blood glucose levels.

Week 2 was all about Biological Aging – the gradual deterioration of functional characteristics in living organisms, where I introduced you to dōTERRA® MetaPWR™ Advantange with Collagen + NMN. It’s a powerful collagen product, formulated with 12 synergistic active ingredients that can slow biological aging and extend our healthspan.

Lastly, in week 3, I talked about the roll fat cells play in our bodies and how we can get to Burning Fat Cells by unveiling the dōTERRA® MetaPWR™ Metablic Blend. A powerful essential oil blend that supports your efforts in reducing the size of existing fat cells, helps curb sugar cravings and may inhibit new and existing fat cells from maturing.

Now that these metabolic dream products have been revealed in detail, this week I wanted to share the value of using these 3 products together, as a system. Of course, each one individually is effective, but to get the best results use the 3-step system together because it's phenomenal! The system is also the most cost effective way to get all the products too. Who doesn't love a deal!? I'll also give you some examples of how to incorporate this 3-step system into your daily routine.

Reduce Sugar Cravings – daily use of the metabolic essential oil blend can help curb your hunger cravings and support your metabolic health

Clear Brain Fog – the Advantage (collagen) was developed to help maintain healthy cell and organ function and to keep you mentally energized  

Reverse Aging Skin – the Advantage also contains 9 types of collagen from marine sources, which may improve skin elasticity, density and firmness, plus support lean muscles and connective tissue

Increase Energy – the Assist supplement supports healthy lifestyle regimens focused on increased energy and vitality

Maintain Healthy Weight – the Assist supplement may also reduce the absorption of simple carbohydrates and sugar

Below is an easy to follow sample routine for using the products in the dōTERRA® MetaPWR™ metabolic system. Starting the morning with the Advantage (collagen) and a couple drops of the metabolic essential oil blend in your water. The afternoon should be customized to meet your needs - when you're craving sugar or wanting to chow down but it's not "time" yet utilize the metabolic blend in any of it's forms (essential oil, gum, beadlets, or softgel supplement). Your evening meal, which is typically the largest of the day, should be proceeded by the Assist, and if you have cravings after dinner feel free to utilize the metabolic blend again here - in whatever fashion you prefer. 

This isn't on the routine, but if you're already taking the Lifelong Vitality supplements you're going to be floored at how well this new system accompanies and boosts the benefits. And if you haven't started taking them because you don't understand the benefits or don't know what they are, please check out my post all about the in Why Supplement? and if you still have questions please reach out and can send you more info and/or speak to your specific needs and questions.

dōTERRA® MetaPWR™ Metabolic System eBook

I hope by now you're getting excited to change your life. As I've said before, today is the best day to influence the rest of your life! And it couldn't get any easier than with the 3-step metabolic system. Existing doTERRA customers, simply log into your account and shop MetaPWR™. The individual products are available as is the entire MetaPWR™ system. You can also customize the system by adding additional collagen or Assist for $20 off.

If you haven’t started your doTERRA journey yet, you can save over $25 on the full system, get free shipping, plus get a free wholesale membership too. The wholesale membership gives you 25% off your doTERRA purchases for an entire year. And no, there are no monthly minimums or sales required.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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