Emotional Intimacy & Oils

Emotional intimacy refers to the security, trust, love, and connection you feel with your partner in a committed relationship. It is very important, as the lack of emotional intimacy can lead to poor communication, one party feeling lonely, and relationships feeling broken or flat out ending.   

Most guys worst nightmare...feelings. Feelings can be bonded or broken by a couples level of emotional intimacy. Ultimately how emotionally connected you feel with your significant other will determine if those feelings are positive and joyous or fall into the resentful category. Worse than having to feel the feels, a couples physical intimacy will suffer greatly if the emotional intimacy isn't on point.

Ways to Improve Your Emotional Intimacy - Quickly:

Take Action - Make it a point to actually spend time together. Schedule a date night, set aside your phones, go for a walk, play a game, do a puzzle, cuddle while watching a movie, the list is endless.

Be Spontaneous - Typically being in a relationship or marriage over time can create stagnate and mundane routines. We get comfortable and, at times, downright lazy. Prioritize your relationship by making your partner feel valued and special. Send a random text, don't change into your pajamas the moment you get home (I'm TOTALLY guilty of this), if you work from home try to get out of the yoga pants every now and then, make their favorite meal... you get the gist.   

Be Vulnerable - Openly communicate your desires, wishes, and dreams with your partner. What do you want out of life? Where do you want your relationship to go? What are you likes and dislikes? Be honest in the bedroom too, let your lover know your expectations and what works for you.

Have Sex - Yes please! It seems obvious, but I'm not just talking about doing the deed. Research shows that creating an emotional bond through sex requires you to take the time to explore your partner. Learn what makes them tick - their desires. You'll find when the same is reciprocated it feeds your emotional connection and that should then transfer outside of the bedroom too.

Be Complementary - This should be easy, but is often overlooked and/or not made a priority. There are lots of positive reasons you chose to be with a person to begin with, don't let them be forgotten. You should regularly be sharing with your significant other those positive attributes that you enjoy.

Affirmations - Similar to being complementary, using words of affirmation to tell your partner that you love or appreciate them is huge. Take your words of affirmation to the next level by making the words actionable. See how we've just come full circle (we started with taking action).

I've talked about this at length in several other posts, like Colors & Emotions, because of the way our brains work essential oils not only ignite your sense of smell, they also evoke emotions. If you'd like to use essential oils to connect with your partner on a deeper level I've got a handful of recipes you can try. 

Probably the easiest way to set the mood is to get your diffuser prepped with essential oils known to help activate romance. I've got two diffuser recipes for ya. Let's Get It On includes Sandalwood: the oil of sacred devotion, Ylang Ylang: the oil of the inner child, Clary Sage: the oil of clarity and vision, and Wild Orange: the oil of abundance. Mood Maker also includes Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang with the addition of Passion: the oil of inspiration  and Siberian Fir: the oil of aging and perspective.

Our libido, as you well know, is our energy or desire to have sex. There are many factors that can effect the libido including hormones, stress, and our mental state. If you'd like to give your libido a little boost with the help of essential oils try swiping Jasmine from hip to hip across your bladder, and then a few drops of Ylang Ylang and Wild Orange on your desired pulse points (such as wrists, heart, neck, and crease of the elbow).

Since we know our libido can be altered based on our mental state this Goddess Roller is perfect for empowering us to feel our best. Use this list of beautiful oils to mix and match to create a personal aroma that's your go-to signature scent. You can use this as a day-to-day pure-fume or reserve it for when you're really wanting to tap into your feminine energy.

I hope don't wait for Valentine's Day to implement these tips on improving your emotional intimacy and fun in the bedroom, I just thought with February being "Love Month" it was a great time to share. And if you're reading this in real time, Valentine's Day is only 2 days away. Make it a memorable one!


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