Manifesting with Emotion

Ironically or maybe not (tee-hee) I wrote about The Science of Manifesting almost a year ago. For frame of reference even though this is being posted on Saturday, February 26, 2022, I’m actually writing it on 2-22-22. 

I read this today (2-22-22) and wanted to share, because no matter when you’re reading this it will be relevant. And thank you for understanding that I don’t know the author and that it really doesn’t matter.

“ You have been patiently waiting for a breakthrough and it’s here. Your outpouring of gratitude is manifesting so many new blessings into your life. The more you focus on the good, the more good you attract into your life. You have been filling your mind with positive self-talk, books, podcasts, and music that uplifts your soul. Your dedication is transforming your inner world and breaking through limits.”   

I literally have a smile on my face as I typed that, and I know you felt the corners of your lips turn upwards too.

The idea of manifesting or law of attraction is no stranger to you, so we’re not going to rehash that today (read my post, The Science of Manifesting, if you need to). What’s on my heart to share is something that I’ve struggled with in the past… belief. Belief that my thoughts really do matter. Belief that “it” can happen to me. Belief that it’s really that easy.

Belief comes from awareness and with that awareness comes the confidence. Confidence to believe. So how do you get awareness?

Awareness comes from you knowing exactly what you want. This requires you to take action on your thoughts. I can’t stress to you enough the power there is in writing things down. I want you to really consider what exactly you want. Imagine it vividly. How much money do you want? Where do you want to live? What kind of relationship? How’s your health? What kind of car do you drive? Are you working? What do you do for fun? Keep going until you have as much detail about your future as you can.

I want you to ignite your 5 senses as you think of all these details and write them down.

See – the colors around you, what you’re wearing, the building, home, scenery…
Smell - the environment, food, drink…
Taste – the air, food, flavor of your lips…
Hear – what’s going on around you, music, voices, clapping, cheering, waves crashing, silence…
Feel – the feels. Everything. How does everything you’re visualizing make you feel? 

Feeling is the most important step in our awareness. Ask yourself, when you get or achieve x, y, z how does that make you feel? All of our thoughts are an internal version of our perceptions, experiences and dreams. Emotions are reactions caused by those perceptions, experiences, and dreams, that in-turn our brain attaches a feeling to. 

Let's look at fear as an example. Our emotional reaction is obvious; heartbeat elevates, sweating, dry mouth, muscles contract, and the skin and even loose its coloring. The feeling we're experiencing is fear. So when we take our dream, wants, and wishes and attach feelings to them, we're essentially bringing our bodies into the experience, which will help our belief. 


When things aren’t going well and we’re feeling down, frustrated, depressed, sad, angry, or just plain bad that’s a good self-check to know that our feelings are out of alignment with our thoughts.

Please don’t get me wrong, I want you to lean into and feel your way through all the emotions. It's part of our life experiences. It is, however, important to note that it takes just seconds for us to turn a bad thought into a good thought. You can utilize the power of a smile. Shift your thoughts to something that makes you happy. Watch a funny video. Or listen to upbeat music. Regardless of what action you take to turn your feelings around, pay attention to the initial feeling you got about that thought and just recognize that if your thoughts are making you feel a way that you don't want to, then ultimately you need to change the thought(s).

I have a passion for natural solutions in all forms and fashions. One of my favorites is essential oils, no surprise to those that follow me regularly. Using essential oils as aromatherapy can help you alter your emotions in less than 10 seconds as well. Essential oils also help pare smell with memories and anchor in our thoughts and feelings.

The list of essential oils you can use for emotional mood management is nearly endless. It really comes down to personal preference on which essential oil or oil blend you want to use. When boosting mood I typically talk about citrus oils, however I’m going to share Magnolia oil with you today as it’s the oil of compassion. 

When using Magnolia along with writing down all your thoughts and feelings in your manifestation journal, among many other emotions, using Magnolia can help encourage us to feel insightful and have perceptive. To follow our intuition and tap into feelings of joy and love. If you're into this, simply roll Magnolia on your wrists and take a deep inhale. You can also roll on the back of your neck.

As you continue to embark on your journey to manifesting a life beyond your dreams take with you the knowledge that it WILL happen for you and you don’t have to wait any certain amount of time to receive it. Our thoughts run 24-7, so give yourself something positive to focus on all the time. Revisit your dreams daily, multiple times a day - pictures, prayer, meditation, etc., and practice gratitude. Thinking about what you already have and are grateful for in your present life gives your brain something powerful and positive to attach your feelings to and that will have a snowball effect in all other areas in your life. 

I just watched ‘The Secret’ for the first time. I thought I’d watched it before, but apparently not. I believe in timing – that people, things and experiences come into and out of our life in the time that they’re meant to, so me watching it now, at this point in my life, was perfect timing. I highly encourage you to watch it (again or for the first time) – it’s like a documentary about manifesting, otherwise known as the law of attraction. Things may just be said in a way and in the time that you need it.

Sending you loving light and all the positive vibes I can. I'm rooting for you.


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