Wellness Made Simple pt.5

We made it...simple! Welcome to the last part on living a natural solutions lifestyle. Everything you've learned in the previous 4 weeks will come into play as we discuss INFORMED SELF CARE

If you recall there are 6 primary areas in living a wellness lifestyle; Eating Right, Exercise, Rest & Managing Stress, Reduce Toxic Load, and Informed Self-Care. The 6th component, Proactive Medical Care, I believe becomes a given as you'll be caring for your body before it breaks down when you follow the 5 other primary areas. However, we will also touch on PROACTIVE MEDICAL CARE too, since it goes hand in hand with informed self care.

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule or the Pareto Principle? Basically it means that 80% of outcomes result from 20% of all causes. I believe, as reflected in the doTERRA wellness pyramid, in this principal as it relates to your health. 80% of your families wellness can be addressed from the comforts of your home through informed self care. However, situations arise that require extra attention and support. This additional 20% of health needs is what we call proactive medical care. 

Proactive medical care can be through a trusted relationship with a traditional western medical professional; doctors, physical or mental support therapists, etc. It can also include holistic practitioners such as chiropractic, acupuncture, masseuse, functional medicine doc, reiki (energy healing), and hypnotherapy to name a few.

As you take greater responsibility for your health, it requires being proactive instead of reactive. And as you've learned throughout the past four weeks, this includes proper nutrition, supplementation to support the body's systems, exercising, drinking plenty of water, getting appropriate rest, taking care of your skin, supporting your emotions and reducing the toxins in your home and body.

Since we're focusing mostly on informed self care today, let's jump in. There are so many products and techniques that you can do at home to support your body and take a proactive approach with your health. Developing routines utilizing trusted, toxin-free, products is a great place to start. 

For example, what does your first aid kit look like? Are there a bunch of products in there where you can't even pronounce the names? Learning to use natural solutions for your first aid needs really allows you to reduce toxins and take a proactive approach.

Since you know I'm all about keeping things simple, while I won't go into every product here - the doTERRA On Guard® line, Protective Blend, is packed full of immune boosting products to use all over your home and body.

As you can see, and have learned in the past 4 weeks, doTERRA offers way more than essential oils. In fact, I basically get everything I need for my family through them. Not because they're the end all be all (although I don't know what would be), but because I trust that the products I'm buying are chemical and toxin-free and because I like them and they work. I get all of our personal care, cleaning products, supplements, first aid and medicine cabinet items, literally everything except our paper goods (TP, Kleenex, etc.). Tee-hee!

I will leave you with a few proactive healthcare tips. Most of them are common sense, but sometimes it's nice to see a short list that you can use to compare your routine to and strive to do better where possible. A couple on here are a little out of the box, like dry brushing. I'm sharing more about this below.

Planned Appointments with a Holistic Practitioner (named above)
Drink 1/2 Body Weight in Ounces
Healthy Nutrition
Regularly Exercise
Getting Outside 
Dry Brushing (see image below)
Infrared or Steam Sauna
Light Therapy
7-8 Hours of Sleep
Wash Produce
Digital Detox - can be 30min per day

In case you haven't heard of dry brushing I wanted to touch on this one really fast. Dry brushing is fantastic for our lymphatic system. It helps to gently exfoliate the skin and promotes healthy circulation. Below you will find a few essential oils that are great to use when dry brushing and how to use this proactive healthcare method. 

I'm so thankful that you've joined me for this 5-part series on living a life using natural solutions to make your wellness made simple. If you missed any, make sure you go back as we covered a lot of ground with the other 4 primary areas in living a wellness lifestyle; Eating Right, Exercise, Rest & Managing Stress, and Reduce Toxic Load.

Even though I try to keep things simple, I know using natural solutions can feel daunting and dare I say a bit overwhelming at times. I thrive on helping people develop routines and lifestyle choices that make sense for them. If you have questions or would like to work with me, please never hesitate to reach out.


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