Lemon Essential Oil

It’s been a while since I did a post on a single essential oil. There are several reasons that I felt compelled to share about dōTERRA Lemon essential oil today. It’s one of the most versatile essential oils. Aside from the many health benefits Lemon essential oil has, it’s also extremely useful around the home. We’re going to go over many of these and I’m also going to share a brand-new way (to me) that I used Lemon oil last weekend.
My goal is to always provide you with value and to help you take the overwhelm out of using natural solutions. Speaking of value, I consider dōTERRA Lemon essential oil to be one of the best values. As of April 2022 its selling for $13 (USA wholesale), that breaks down to just over $0.05 per drop. By the end of this post you should fully understand just how great that value is!
Let’s start with the sourcing and science, because those both matter when it comes to the purity and efficacy of an essential oil. Efficacy, by the way, just means that the oil does exactly how it’s supposed to do. dōTERRA Lemon essential oil is sourced from Brazil and Italy. It takes about seven pounds of lemon peel to produce a 15mL (250 drops) of the oil. Lemon is a high concentration of limonene which is a compound that is known for its uplifting qualities and is a popular ingredient in many household cleaning products. The next chemical constituent is beta-Pinene which is excellent for supporting our immune system. The last main compound is γ-Terpinene. The simplest way I can describe that chemical constituent is that it’s cleansing and detoxifying, especially internally for our bodies systems.

Practical Usage Tips:
My personal favorites (as in I use Lemon that way ALL the time) are: in my water, removing the sticky off everything, and cleaning - in all the ways. In fact, here's an easy-peasy All Purpose Surface Spray recipe that will make your stainless steel shine, remove grime from the microwave, and can even be used to deep clean appliances like your washing machine, dishwasher, and refrigerator.

10 drops Lemon oil
1 cup water
1 cup vinegar

Combine all ingredients in a glass spray bottle. Shake well before each use.

I've used Lemon essential oil to revive a flashlight, where the battery compartment was corroded, and this past weekend I came across a new use that's too good not to share. My Toyota 4Runner is getting up there - I bought it when my 15 year old was in my belly, back in 2006. It's a great vehicle and we're planning on giving it to my son when he turns 16. The one problem was the headlights. Because of the age of the vehicle and the lovely Colorado sunshine the headlights have oxidized, faded, discolored and gotten so foggy that my hubby asked me Friday night if I had them on... ish!

On Sunday I decided that I should purchase replacement lenses, only I discovered you can't just replace the lens, you have to replace the entire headlight unit. Although totally worth it, I knew they sold products that can clean the lenses - headlight repair kits. They ranged in price from $5 to over $50, but most of them came with the same bad review - mostly that it was only a short-term fix. After reading about how these products work, it hit me - try Lemon essential oil. So I did and here are the results:

The lens still has the pitting and scratches, but they are 10,000 times better! Not to say that I won't have to use this trick again (or replace them eventually), but at less than $0.40 and a 30 second per headlight time commitment, it's worth it. Honestly, this has to be the most cost effective and time efficient solution to cleaning your vehicles headlights! I've included an unedited video, so you can see the full process (including me fumbling around when I reach to hand my son the cloth to wipe it off).

Hopefully you're as excited as I am about using Lemon essential oil now too - for TONS of things. Bonus news! Most essential oils are similar to Lemon in that they come with a multitude of uses. If you've got an oil sitting in a drawer somewhere or collecting dust on a shelf I'd love it if you message me. Let me know the essential oil that's being neglected and I'll get back to you with some top uses and recipes.

Have a great one!

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