Summertime DIYs

If you live in Colorado, like me, then you've experienced the crazy-weird weather we've had. I heard on the news that April was the windiness and most excessive wind we've ever experienced. I couldn't agree more. I was outside standing on the sidelines of my son's lacrosse games about 8-10 hours a week, so I felt the wrath of the wind and excessive cold.

Although I can't say the wind is totally gone, it's calmed down and bit and it's finally starting to feel more like spring. I know some schools are already out of the summer, for my family it's just pushing fast forward two weeks and summertime will be in full effect.

I love the summer! Not just because of the warm weather, but for me it means flip flops, pedicures, traveling, cookouts, playing, swimming, enjoying nature, and most importantly an overall relaxed feeling regardless of the day of the week.

As we enjoy the warmer weather with all the outdoor activities and fun we inadvertently expose our bodies to some not so great stuff - specifically our skin and hair take the brunt of our fun in the sun. Today I'm going to share some of my top summertime DIYs: from hair care, to skin care and bug bites to a yummy summer pure-fume blend.

Let's start at the top of our head with our hair. Whether you like swimming in a pool or playing in the ocean, chances are your hair has suffered for it. Dry, brittle, frizzy, tangled, it's a mess! It doesn't matter if you have short hair or long hair our summer activities can have grueling consequences for our luscious locks. 

The Hair Detangler, Hair Repair Mask, and Mermaid Hair DIY recipes all have a couple of common essential oils in them: Rosemary and Lavender. 

Rosemary stimulates the scalp and promotes hair growth, and the chemical makeup has mild cleansing properties. As a bonus, the aroma of Rosemary essential oil is energizing and known to promote a renewing and rejuvenating atmosphere.

Lavender as you well know, is known for its calming and balancing properties. Lavender essential oil has the ability to soothe occasional skin irritations too. Because of this you'll find Lavender oil in all of these summertime DIYs with the exception of the summertime pure-fume. 

Regardless of what activity you choose to do, over-exposing our skin to the beautiful sunshine can cause us major discomfort long after the sun has gone down for the night. If you find your skin screaming for relief, give this After Sun Spray DIY a try. Your skin will almost immediately thank you and you'll be surprised and the difference when you wake up in the morning. *Pro Tip: For the best results, if you have time, use a few times before crawling into bed for the night. 

The next two DIYs are almost inevitable, especially if you have kiddos still at home. Though I'll be honest, I might just use the Boo Boo Spray more than my son. While my husband calls me a klutz, I'll only admit to being adventurous. Tee-hee! Thankfully beautiful Colorado doesn't come with a ton of bugs, but any amount of time outside will almost guarantee you a bite or two at some point this summer. Make sure you've pre-made this Bug Bite roller blend and throw it in your purse or car to have with you on-the-go. It will help tame the itching and soothe any discomforts.   

The last summer DIY is a wonderful pure-fume blend I'm calling Summer Escape. Aside from the delicious aroma, the essential oils in this blend have a plethora of benefits. Hawaiian Sandalwood promotes healthy-looking and smooth skin. Ylang Ylang has nourishing and protective properties. Grapefruit had purifying benefits and provides an uplifting aroma. Summer Escape is topped off with  Madagascar Vanilla, one of the most captivating and popular scents in the world. 

Wishing you a great start to your summer! I would love for you to share with me if you try any of these summertime DIYs and what you thought.


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