Summer To-Do's

There are so many things we can do in the summer and yet we still seem to manage getting bored. Here's a short list of summer to-do's to help get your creative juices flowing. How cool would it be if you made a game of it and calendared a fun summer to-do for each day of the summer? You'd have your summer mapped out and decrease your chances of wondering what you should do that day.

Take a road trip
Go camping
Have a picnic
Bury a time capsule
Collect seashells
Make tie-dye shirts
Read 10 books
Watch the sunset
Make playdoh
Make a bird feeder
Go to the beach
Go mini-golfing
Go to a waterpark
Build a sandcastle 
Have a cookout
Visit a zoo
Have a bonfire
Visit national monuments
Make ice cream
Go hiking
Go to a drive-in movie
Plant a garden
Have a scavenger hunt
Go fishing
Go kayaking
Have a water balloon fight
Have a lemonade stand
Create a quote book
Make a fairy garden
Go geo-caching
Visit a museum

download the summer to-do list for easy reference

If you're looking for some summer-fun DIYs check out the next three recipes: Scented Bubbles, Lip Scrubs, and Sunscreen. Scented Bubbles can be fun for all ages and even our furry friends. Even though they won't ingest much, make sure you choose an essential oil that's suitable for internal consumption if you're planning to use with your pets. doTERRA Lemon or Lavender essential oils are a safe suggestion.  

Spending a lot of time outside can result in chapped or even sunburned lips. Using a lip scrub will help eliminate the dry skin while restoring the softness and preparing the lips to receive hydration. doTERRA's Lip Balms are a fantastic follow-up to moisturize your lips after using a lip scrub. My favorite is the tropical blend!

I've shared that doTERRA is coming out with a sun line, that will include a couple different ready-made sunscreens. Until then, use this DIY Sunscreen to ensure you're not doing your skin more harm and not exposing your body to the harmful chemicals often found in store-bought sunscreen.

I started talking about the summer in my mid-May post: Summertime DIYs. Over the next several weeks I'm going to be diving into all things summer, sharing more summer recipes and tips, plus ideas related to travel. 


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