Summer Diffuser Blends

Using essential oils as aroma therapy, specifically diffusing is one of the easiest ways to use and enjoy essential oils. Not only can diffusing essential oils quickly alter your mood, but the number of diffuser blends (aka recipes) is limitless.

Each essential oil has unique chemical components that make them useful for one thing or another. Yes, many of them have overlapping qualities and that's wonderful news because you might not appreciate the smell of one essential oil, but find the same benefits in another that you absolutely love.

My goal today is to share some fun summer diffuser blends. Feel free to screen shot and save the images for quick access. In addition to the diffuser recipe I'm going to break down what each of the essential oils in the blend can do for you from an emotional standpoint. Remember these are just the aromatic benefits of the oils, most have many other uses and benefits too!

3 drops Citrus Bliss®, 2 drops each: Sandalwood & Lavender, and 1 drop Ylang Ylang

Citrus Bliss® - creativity, motivation, confidence
Sandalwood - humble, spiritually connected, calm
Lavender - relaxed, expressive, self-aware
Ylang Ylang - playful, joyful, innocent

2 drops each: Citrus Bliss® & Bergamot, and 1 drop each: Frankincense & Motivate® 

Citrus Bliss® - creativity, motivation, confidence
Bergamot - self-acceptance, optimistic, hopeful
Frankincense - loved, protected, enlightened/wisdom
Motivate® - encouraged, hopeful, energized

3 drops Wild Orange, and 2 drops each: Passion®, Spearmint  & Ylang Ylang 

Wild Orange - abundant, generous, creative
Passion® - passionate, alive, spontaneous
Spearmint - confident, courageous, clarity
Ylang Ylang - playful, joyful, innocent

2 drops each Lavender & Tangerine, and 1 drop each: Cedarwood & Arborvitae

Lavender - relaxed, expressive, self-aware
Tangerine - cheerful, creative, optimistic
Cedarwood - connected, supported, social
Arborvitae - peaceful, grounded, trusting

3 drops Passion®, 2 drops Cassia, and 1 drop Rosemary

Passion® - passionate, alive, spontaneous
Cassia - courageous, confident, authentic
Rosemary - knowledgeable, enlightened, open to new experiences

3 drops Wild Orange, 2 drops each: Passion® & Motivate®, and 1 drop Coriander

Wild Orange - abundant, generous, creative 
Passion® - passionate, alive, spontaneous
Motivate® - encouraged, hopeful, energized
Coriander - integrity, unique, inner guidance

If you're curious I have a book, Emotions & Essential Oils, that I love to use as a reference for understanding what essential oils are useful for from an emotional perspective. The book gives a lot more insight into the oils as well. If you like exploring essential oils and their many benefits you should totally check it out

You can learn more about the benefits of diffusing essential oils and get even more diffuser blends in my post on Aromatherapy Benefits.


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