30 Roller Bottle Blends for Summer

Let me start off by sharing three reasons roller bottles are awesome.  

1) Empty roller bottles allow you to create custom blends of oils to address your particular needs. They can also be tailored to be more or less potent depending on the age of the recipient - the carrier oil to essential oil ratio can be altered to make a blend suitable for any age.

2) They're convenient for taking on-the-go - whether a purse, backpack, diaper bag, tote, hip pack (aka fanny pack), suitcase or even your pocket. 

3) It makes topical application of an essential oil super easy.

As you'll notice many of these roller bottle blends are good year round, that's because essential oils are multi-purpose and versatile. I do have some that are more specific for summertime, especially if you live in a 4-season climate, but ultimately the summertime recipes I'm sharing today will be good throughout the year.

You'll add the essential oils to a 10mL bottle then top with your carrier oil of choice. I've indicated the blends that contain photosensitive oils with an asterisk. Those indicated should not be applied in an area that will be exposed to the sun within 12 hours of application. Which brings me to where you'll want apply them. Each one is different based off the nature of blend and I'll be sharing the suggested application point with the recipe below. A basic rule of thumb is to apply to your pulse points (wrists, neck, etc.), bottoms of feet, spine, or the area in need, when possible.

ITCH STICK - 10 drops Lavender and 5 drops each: Peppermint & Purify
Apply directly to the bug bite.

SEASONAL SANITY - 7 drops each: Lemon, Lavender & Peppermint*
Apply to bridge of nose, chest, and bottom of feet as needed to ease seasonal threat symptoms.

FREAK OUT - 7 drops each: Serenity® & Balance® 
Apply to wrists and back of neck to help calm nerves and lower stressful or anxious feelings.

OWIE - 5 drops each: Lavender, Tea Tree & Frankincense
Apply directly to area in need.

ENERGY - 7 drops each: Peppermint & Wild Orange*
Apply to wrists and/or roll in palms of hands and deeply inhale three times.

SORE JOINTS - 5 drops each: Copaiba, Deep Blue®  & Lemongrass
Apply around joint needing extra TLC.

CLEAR SKIN - 5 drops each: Lavender, Tea Tree & Lemon*
Apply directly on blemish.

SLEEP - 5 drops Vetiver, 4 drops each: Juniper Berry /Cedarwood & 2 drops Wild Orange*
Apply to bottom of big toe, back of neck, or roll on pillow case.

POTTY TRAINING - 6 drops Cypress, 5 drops Juniper Berry & 3 drops Ylang Ylang
Apply to lower abdomen while training, especially for overnight training.

HAPPY SAUCE - 5 drops each: Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit & 1 drop Cinnamon*
Apply to wrists, neck, spine, inhale from roller and/or roll in palms of hand and deeply inhale for several breaths to encourage sensations of joy.

GRATEFUL - 5 drops each: Bergamot / Wild Orange, 3 drops Grapefruit & 2 drops Siberian Fir*
Apply to wrists or neck to tap into the sense of gratitude.

HORMONES - 5 drops each: Clary Sage / Ylang Ylang, 4 drops Elevation & 1 drop Frankincense*
Apply to throat, chest, lower abdomen, over liver, or bottoms of feet at least twice daily to help support and balance healthy hormone functions. If you don't have Elevation, replace with Geranium.

BRAIN FOG - 7 drops each: Rosemary & Peppermint
Apply to temples or back of neck to support focus and memory retention.

TUMMY TAMER - 15 drops DigestZen® 
Apply to stomach or lower abdomen to help calm a plethora of tummy troubles. 

IMMUNE BOOST -  10 drops On Guard®, 3 drops Arborvitae & 1 drop Melissa
Apply to back of neck, spine or bottoms of feet to proactively support a healthy immune system.

HEAD TENSION - 5 drops Peppermint, 4 drops each: Copaiba / Frankincense & 2 drops Lavender
Apply to forehead and temples to reduce head tension.

SWEET DREAMS - 5 drops each: Roman Chamomile, Copaiba & Vetiver
Apply to bottom of big toe, back of neck, or roll on pillow case.

WRINKLES - 5 drops each: Frankincense, Lavender & Myrrh
Apply directly to fine lines and wrinkles.

TEETHING - 5 drops each: Copaiba, Roman Chamomile & Lavender
Apply swipe along jawline and a dab behind ears to minimize the discomforts of teething.

AFTER SUN - 5 drops each: Lavender, Peppermint & Helichrysum
Apply over areas of skin that got a bit too much sun.

ROAD WARRIOR - 7 drops each: Peppermint & Ginger
Apply to stomach and inhale from roller to help ease-the-queez for those sensitive to motion.

ZEN SPICE - 5 drops each: Citrus Bliss® / Bergamot & 4 drops Passion*
Apply to wrists, neck, and/or inhale from roller to uplift your mood.

SMILE MORE - 7 drops Cheer® & 6 drops Wild Orange*
Apply to wrists, neck, spine, inhale from roller and/or roll in palms of hand and deeply inhale for several breaths to cheer you up and make you smile.

WAKE UP - 5 drops Arise, 4 drops Lemongrass & 3 drops Spearmint*
Apply to wrists, behind ears and back of neck to get the blood pumping and energy flowing.

DEEP BREATH - 5 drops Breathe, 3 drops each: Lime / Marjoram & 2 drops Cypress*
Apply to chest, back, or bottoms of feet to promote feelings of clear breathing.

DARK EYE CIRCLES - 5 drops each: Frankincense / Lavender & 3 drops Lemon*
Apply a swipe under eyes (avoid contact with eyes).

STRONG NAILS - 5 drops each: Lavender / Tea Tree, 3 drops Myrrh & 2 drops Frankincense
Apply to cuticles and massage into nailbed. 

LET IT GO - 5 drops each: Lemongrass, Cypress & Wild Orange*
Apply to wrists and neck to help release tension and increase feelings of calm.

ALL EARS - 5 drops Basil, 4 drops each: Lavender / Tea Tree & 2 drops Purify
Apply under and behind ear or roll on cotton ball and rest over ear.

FOCUS - 5 drops each: Vetiver, Copaiba & In Tune® *
Apply to temples, back of neck, or spine to support intense focus.

Shop for supplies in My Fav Things > Oil Supplies, and I did another blog post a while back on Essential Oil DIY Roller Recipes Tips, check that out to learn about different carrier oils, a dilution guide, and more.

Happy rollin'!

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