Essential Oils for Stress

We’ve learned over the past few weeks that our stress levels and hormones go hand-in-hand in how we feel. So, as we round out our conversation about hormones let’s dive into some natural solutions and modalities that can be used to reduce stress, including the essential oils that are particularly great at helping us manage our stress.

As you can read in my Natural Stress Management Guide, three simple ways to reduce your stress are to 1) Change your scenery, 2) Breathe, and 3) Be mindful of what you eat. There are a plethora of other natural solution modalities you can try too. For example, meditation, yoga, quality sleep, laughing, journaling, listening to music, do something creative, and the list goes on. Make sure you're choosing something that you feel comfortable with and makes you happy otherwise you can create more ciaos for yourself.

I know it's hard not to stress over things that are out of our control, like traffic, weather, workload, and even what kind of mood other people are in. To set ourselves up for success we should be proactive and not let our cortisol levels kick into overdrive. A great way to do this is utilizing essential oils.

Use Frankincense if you're feeling spiritually disconnected, unprotected or have abandonment issues. You can inhale from hands or bottle, diffuse, or topically apply to crown of head, forehead, or behind ears.
Copaiba can be used if you're feeling unworthy, guilty, regretful or otherwise suppressing your emotions. Inhale from hands or bottle, diffuse, or apply topically over your heart, lower abdomen, on forehead or neck.

One of my favorite blends you've heard me talk about before with regard to sleep is doTERRA Serenity®. And although it's the "restful blend" you can also use this beautiful blend if you're feeling stressed, irritated, anxious, or emotionally overloaded. You can inhale from your palms or bottle, diffuse, or apply topically to you temples, shoulders, neck, wrists, or bottom of your big toe (this location is my trick to getting those swirling thoughts in my head to come to a quick halt).

The Grounding Blend - doTERRA Balance® is one of my daily go-tos. Use this blend when you're feeling disconnected, scattered, or just downright unstable. Inhale from hands or bottle, diffuse, or apply topically on spine (particularly the base) or the bottoms of the soles of your feet.
When you're looking for happiness in a bottle, I suggest Wild Orange! Great for when you're feeling a lack of energy, discouraged, envious, uncompromising, or can't let things go. Inhale from bottle or hands, diffuse, or apply topically on your upper abdomen.
Did you know the smells in the forest are known to help reduce stress and lower blood pressure? Well, when you want that smell, but can't get to a forest then I recommend Northern Escape®. This blend is particularly good for feelings of loss, sadness, regret, loneliness, or fear. Inhale from bottle or hands, diffuse, or apply topically along the spine, bottoms of feet, over heart or on wrists.

Magnolia is a sweet, heavenly oil - the oil of mercy and compassion. Use when feeling disconnected, unloved, hurt, tension, or disrespected. Inhale from bottle or roll on hands, or apply topically to neck, wrists, or heart.

Did you know that hormonal imbalances, both the highs and lows, can affect normal body functions including your mental health? It can affect mood fluctuations in regards to anxious feelings and even depression. 

I've talked about the doTERRA Adaptiv® system many, many times. It's an absolute must have for all things mental wellness, including stress, anxiety, dealing with the unknown and so much more. The system is designed to be used together for aromatic benefits through diffusing the oil, topically applying to your wrists, neck, or over heart, and internally taking the Calming Blend Capsules. Used together this system has synergistic results.

Above are a couple yummy diffuser blends, if you like to mix-n-match your essential oils. Use 4 drops each: doTERRA Serenity® and doTERRA Balance® for a nice liquid calm. Or another good one uses 4 drops doTERRA Balance®, 3 drops Wild Orange, and 2 drops Copaiba, giving you that ultimate balance feeling.

If you want to talk about things as they specifically relate to you, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm happy to help!

Here's to no stress! Or at least being able to manage it well!

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