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His Body Our Amputation

The true story of my husband's amputation
told through my eyes - the caregiver

3 separate hospitals, ER visits, 6 surgeries, 5 days in ICU, 28 days in the hospital and countless doctors and nurses. This is the detailed journey of how my husband, Steve, went from healthy to having an elective amputation in 52 days. From the medical recounts to family drama, this story unpacks the deepest details as I transform from wife and mother to also becoming a caregiver. This is a story of hope and chance. A guide to instilling in you to always advocate for yourself and to listen to your intuition. You may never be faced with the exact events that our family went through, but you’ll see the parallels and draw from it a sense of comfort, you are not alone.

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A 365 day journal to help you cultivate 
the life you desire with small daily actions.

My goal is to help demystify and reframe what self-care is. While spending the day at the spa is fun and a great way to pamper yourself, it’s not realistic or sustainable day after day. Self-care should be a regular part of your daily routine and it doesn't have to take hours or cost a lot of money. I believe that self-care is a personal journey; so while I lay out a quick template to help you take small actions to focus on your mental and physical well-being, you get to customize your self-care routine and make it your own.