Frequently Asked Questions

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the tiny aromatic compounds that come from plants.  These oils give plants their scent, flavor and protect the plant from it's environmental threats.  Essential oils are captured through a distillation process (you can learn about the different methods on my Sourcing & Science page) coming from a plants roots, seeds, flowers, or bark. 

Are essential oils safe?

The short answer is yes, when talking about doTERRA essential oils. 

There are some essential oil safety guidelines that you should follow: 
1. Always read the label before you use an essential oil for the first time.
2. Citrus oils, specifically, can be photosensitive - again check labels for sun sensitivity warnings.
3. Dilute (using a carrier oil - like fractionated coconut oil) with sensitivity skin and when using "hot" oils, like Oregano, Clove, Cinnamon, Thyme, etc.
4.  Avoid using essential oils in nose, ears, and eyes 

What makes doTERRA different?

It all comes down to their purity and the testing they have (and share with you) that makes all the difference.  There are no contaminants, fillers, or adulterations.  There is no industry standard and in a market where every company seems to make claims about having "pure" essential oils doTERRA created a standard -  CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade®.  If the oils passes the rigorous testing process, of over 50 tests, then and only then, does it get the CPTG® label. Seeing this label, you can rest assured that you're using the purest essential oils on the market.
Want to see the purity of doTERRA oils for yourself? Every single bottle of doTERRA oil comes with a quality ID. Use the ID number on the bottom of your bottle to view the third-party test results for that batch of oil on the Source to You website.

How do I know the quality of doTERRA Essential Oils?

doTERRA is the largest essential oil company in the world with the most pure and potent oils on the planet.  doTERRA can be trusted as they are the only company putting forth the highest efforts be transparent about their testing and ensure we are receiving the highest quality.  To learn more about these tests, the sourcing and what makes doTERRA different check out my Sourcing & Science page. 

How will I know how to use my oils?

When you purchase your doTERRA Essential Oils through me you become part of the Wellness Spoiled community.  It's our passion and mission to truly spoil you with all the ongoing support and education that you could possible want or need.  You'll have access to a customer only perks and educational oportunities. We have private community only groups on social media that serve as a space for education and support from a plethora of your peers and other doTERRA experts, like myself.  This custom support is super special and something that can't be purchased with an "over-the-counter" oil.  The Wellness Spoiled community is here for you - to answer your questions and ensure you fill confident in your products! 

I heard that doTERRA is a pyramid scheme?

doTERRA is definitely NOT a pyramid scheme! By definition a pyramid scheme is illegal and recruits "investors" who recruit other investors without providing a sustainable product or service. In other words they have way more "investors" than customers. doTERRA is purchased through a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) model, which means they are not investing in retail space, marketing on the radio, TV, or billboards - instead they invest back into the company and their people. This is like buying your oils through a mom-n-pop shop verses lining the pockets of big box stores or online mega shops. The MLM business model was intentionally, and specifically chosen so that each new customer can have the opportunity to experience the community feel and support and education that cannot be purchased in a store. As of 2021, doTERRA has more than 9M wholesale customers, with less than 10% of them opting into the business side of the company.  That means you can purchase doTERRA products at wholesale pricing (what I pay) and you never have to sell or share with anyone.  

What is a doTERRA wholesale customer? 

A wholesale customer simple means that you are purchasing your doTERRA products for 25% off the retail price, no sales or monthly purchase obligations. To become a doTERRA wholesale customer you can purchase a starter kit bundle (see them here), that have built in savings, or you can simply purchase a annual membership for $35 for the first year that includes a Product Guide and gives you a full year of purchasing doTERRA products at 25% off. 

Do I have to sell oils?

Not at all! Being a wholesale customer is just like joining Costco. You pay an annual membership fee which allows to purchase the full doTERRA product line at 25% off the retail prices. That's it, no additional requirements. The annual membership is $35 for the first year, or waived with a kit and $25 for each year after - as a bonus you get a free bottle of Peppermint with each annual renewal. The oportunity and choice is yours though, if you are interested in potentially selling check out my Start an Oil Biz page to learn more.

Do I have to buy monthly? 

Nope. As a wholesale customer you have your own online account and can purchase at 25% off at your leisure, whenever you want - NO monthly obligations. doTERRA does have an amazingly generous rewards program for those that like having their monthly wellness delivered to them monthly. It's fully customizable and you receive free product and free shipping. Check out the details on the doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program to see if this might be right for you. 

What if I want to build a doTERRA business?

That's awesome! If you'd like to join in the efforts to share holistic health and wellness with others, all while empowering your family with physical and financial health I've got your back and will totally help you Start an Oil Biz. I do highly encourage you to start your essential oil journey as a wholesale customer first. I'd like to see you play around and really love on and have time with doTERRA's product line for at least three months before you begin to share with others. You're allowed at any point along your journey to upgrade from a wholesale customer to a Wellness Advocate for free. When and if you decide that's the route you want to go, I have tons of support and help for you along that path too!