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Hi there!  If you don't already have a doTERRA account and you're truly interested in up leveling your health with natural solutions you've come to the right place!  I offer two different ways to be sampled.  One, you'll fill out the Free Sample Form below, I'll email you to confirm details and get the samples with instructions in the mail.  After a couple days I follow-up and see how your experience was.  Or if you're interested in getting support on one specific ailment you can participate in a guided 7-day Essential Oil Study where you'll learn a lot.

How an Essential Oil Study works:

  • Reach out to me to see when the next one starts.
  • Pick from one of the following:
    1) Sleep Study
    2) Mental Wellness Study
    3) Aches & Discomforts Study
    4) Seasonal Treats & Animal Sensitivity Study
    5) Digestive Study
  • Fill out a pre-study survey
  • Join an online community (for the length of the study)
  • Enjoy your samples with guidance
  • Report how it went with a post-study survey
  • Attend final study event with prizes

Click the button below to select your preferred study.  I'll follow-up with you to let you know when the next study is starting and get you the pre-study survey to fill out and get your samples in the mail. Yay!


Free Sample Form

I’m a small business owner and sampling people is my way to allow those who are truly serious about up leveling their health an opportunity to try doTERRA’s superior products prior to making a purchase.  Please note: these samples are tiny vials, around 15 drops, designed to give you a "taste" of the doTERRA difference.  *Only available if you don't already have a doTERRA account and live in the United States.  IF you live outside the USA, fill out as much as possible and I'll contact you shortly.
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