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Please note I am a solo entrepreneur.  I require that we hop on a 10 minute Zoom call to discuss your specific needs and address your questions to ensure I'm sending you the most valuable sample, by taking the time to do this I will cover the shipping cost.  If you do not wish to Zoom, you will be required to pay $4 for shipping (ONLY available within the United States). Detailed instructions for all options are sent via email upon completion of the form.

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I’m a small business owner and sampling people is my way to allow those who are truly serious about up leveling their health an opportunity to try doTERRA’s superior products prior to making a purchase.  Please note: these samples are tiny vials, around 15 drops, designed to give you a "taste" of the doTERRA difference.  *Only available if you don't already have a doTERRA account and live in the United States.  IF you live outside the USA, fill out as much as possible and I'll contact you shortly.

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