Getting to know Danette

What do you really want to know? To sum me up, I’m a compassionate wife, a mom to one awesome boy and a loyal friend. I’m devoted to spoiling those I care about with love and wellness. I grew up all over the place, born in Alaska and living in Colorado, all over Texas, South Carolina and Japan - a proud military kid (Army). 

The best part of the instability of being raised all over creation was the exposures to different personalities, people, cultures and cuisines. I am a creative type. I have a degree in video production, but worked in the financial industry for over 23 years. I made a path as a successful business woman in the corporate world. However as of January 2020, I shifted gears and decided it was time to devote all my energy to running my own company, Wellness Spoiled - my wellness community that’s here to support and serve you.

It’s truly my passion to teach. My “job” now is to educate and inspire you with the experiences and joys of living a natural, clean lifestyle. 

To empower you and your loved ones on how to use essential oils in your daily life - specifically using doTERRA. 


Because, going beyond my opinion, there are no better essential oils on the planet. Because the heartbeat of the company is unrivaled and I’m proud to partner with them to provide you with the best products out there. Plus, as you can read in ‘My Oil Journey’ below, they have changed mine and my families life.

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My Oil Journey

As you can probably already tell I’m super excited to share with you about how essential oils can change your life, but what you don’t know is why. 

For me it wasn’t one big “ah-ha”, but rather a bunch of small moments and choices that lead me down the path to purity. I’d been using oils for a couple years, that I purchased online, mostly Frankincense and Lavender, when my girlfriend asked me to come to a class. Only in support of her did I decide to go, because honestly I thought I already knew everything. 

At the class I learned that essential oils are not created equally and that many of doTERRA’s CPTG oils could be taken internally. What!?! This was a game changer for me and my eyes were opened. 

A couple weeks after that class my hubby underwent some very random and rare medical issues which ultimately lead to him having a below knee amputation. This rocked our world for sure! This was really the beginning of our oil journey - a journey to rapid healing, emotional aid, pain management, mental health and immunity support. 

That was just the beginning and now, well now, I feel empowered. That’s what I’m excited to share with you! And in case you’re wondering how essential oils have changed MY life, there are really two HUGE ways. Those of course spin off into several more, but the first is sleep. For a couple of decades I didn’t sleep much.

I ran on maybe 4 to 6 hours of sleep, but it wasn’t consistent, nor was it quality. I had very vivid dreams that left me feeling exhausted in the morning and my wheels were constantly spinning so it took me close to an hour or more to even fall asleep. Do you know how powerful a good nights rest is to the body? I seriously had no idea until I started getting that quality sleep. I now fall asleep within 5 minutes of my head hitting the pillow and I sleep consistently through the night. So, I can legit say that essential oils have changed my life! No exaggeration!

The second major change for me was decreasing the inflammation in my body. I had been seeing a doctor and rheumatologist because the swelling in my hands looked and felt like the onset of arthritis. My knuckles were about 1/2 inch tall and I was in tears when I drove to work because gripping the steering wheel hurt so bad. Within two days of me using doTERRA’s Frankincense (because remember I was already using a different brand) the inflammation in my hands had disappeared and it hasn’t come back. The key - being proactive! I make sure to get Frankincense in my body daily.

My life continues to evolve. As a Holistic Health & Lifestyle Advocate, I truly love learning and growing and making sure I adapt to changes and pivot when needed. To that end I’m proud to let you know that I’m a doTERRA Certified Essential Oil Specialist and received my AromaTouch Technique Certification, which is a clinical approach to essential oil application.