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My preference has always been to shop online. I like to research, review ratings and typically I have a very specific thing I'm looking for, so I find online shopping works for me. Here are some of my favorite things that help keep me and my family spoiled.

I'm constantly adding new products, so feel free to check back in from time to time to see what I've added.

*As an affiliate, using these links gives me a tiny kick-back.  Thank you!

Oil Supplies

I have a collection of brand new, unopened, high quality ultrasonic diffusers made by doTERRA and Greenair.  The doTERRA diffusers I offer are no longer available for purchase through doTERRA - Lumo, Brevi, Petal, and Iris car diffuser. 

8pc. Colorful Frosted 10mL Rollers
Set comes with 8 glass roller bottles with stainless steel roller ball tops. 

8pc. Cobalt Blue 10mL Rollers
Set comes with 8 glass roller bottles with stainless steel roller ball tops. Plus funnel, droppers, extra roller balls and labels. 

12pc. Amber Glass Bottle Kit 
2-16oz, 8oz, 4oz & 2oz, and 4-10mL roller bottles with stainless steel roller ball, oil key, funnels, droppers, labels and bottle cleaning brush. 

24pc. Amber Glass Bottle Kit
2-16oz & 4oz, 8-2oz & 12-10mL roller bottles with stainless steel roller ball, oil key, funnels, droppers, labels and bottle cleaning brush.

12pc. Spray Tops  
Fits all 5, 10, 15 to 100mL bottles. Comes with a mini-oil key. 

Spray & Roller Tops Kit 
Kit comes with 6 colorful spray tops and 6 stainless steel roller ball toppers.  Fits both 5mL and 15mL bottles. 

2pk. 16oz Glass Spray Bottles 
Set comes with 2 16oz cobalt blue glass spray bottles with measurement indicators. Includes funnel, labels, and storage caps. 

3pk. Silicone Holders 
Kit comes with 3 (turquoise, orange and yellow) silicone holders and spray tops that work with 15mL Bottles. 

6pc. 5ml EO Dropper Tops
Set of 6 multi-colored glass dropper tops for 5ml essential oil bottles. Lead-free, BPA-free, cadmium-free glass. Quickly measure precise number of drops, especially helpful with thick oils like Vetiver or Myrrh. 

6pc. 10-15ml EO Dropper Tops  
Set of 6 multi-colored glass dropper tops for 10-15ml essential oil bottles. Lead-free, BPA-free, cadmium-free glass. Quickly measure precise number of drops, especially helpful with thick oils like Vetiver or Myrrh. 

12pc. EO Dropper Tops
6 each: 5ml & 15ml 
Set of 12 multi-colored glass dropper tops for 5ml to 15ml essential oil bottles. Lead-free, BPA-free, cadmium-free glass. Quickly measure precise number of drops, especially helpful with thick oils like Vetiver or Myrrh. 

6pcs 5ml Atomizer Bottles 
6 piece, 6 color set of refillable 5ml atomizer bottles. Great for homemade pure-fume, travel room/car spray and more. Eco-friendly glass container with aluminum metal shell and copper valve. 

5ml Atomizer Bottle 
Refillable 5ml atomizer bottle great for homemade pure-fume, travel room/car spray and more. Eco-friendly glass container with aluminum metal shell and copper valve. 

2pk. Essential Oil Key 
Universal metal "key" helps remove and replace essential oil bottle caps and roller ball toppers. 

Home & General Wellness

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0 
Alkaline water can help detox the body, increase energy & hydration. Advanced filtration technology purifies and ionizes - produces water with a pH between 3.0 to 11.5 alkaline. 

Circadian Optics Lumos 2.0
Light therapy lamps help beat the winter blues, regulate sleep, fight fatigue, boost mood and improve focus.  Plus it's an excellent light for your Zoom meetings or personal recordings. 

24pc. Superior 
Glass Food Storage 
Newly innovated hinged BPA-free locking lids, 100% leakproof airtight seal, freezer-to-oven and dishwasher safe.

OXO Good Grips
4pc. Stainless Steel Straw Set 
  • 4-piece set with two 10. 5-inch straws, cleaning brush and handy carrying case
  • Durable stainless steel straws last for years and reduce plastic waste
  • Adjustable silicone tips are comfortable on the lips and come apart for cleaning
  • Includes long, bristled brush to reach every inch of straw's interior
  • Durable case slides open easily to store straws and brush for use on the go
  • BPA free and dishwasher safe

Hand Sanitizer  
Eliminate/Neutralize up to 99.9% of airborne pathogens and organic odors, including smoke, in interior airspace with EPA approved SAFER SPACES™.

EPA and FDA approved, and patented, HAND SANITIZER has long-lasting (4hr) antimicrobial hand sanitizer with no alcohol, petroleum or water, with a kill rate of over 99.99%.

Need a disinfecting cleaner, that's EPA and FDA approved for use commercial use in hospitals?  Try the SELECTROCIDE - this is excellent for daycares, schools, hotels, gyms, restaurants, and so much more.

Click link below and register before shopping.  

Steamy Mug by Maivara
Steamy Mug is an aromatherapy steamer made from noncorrosive materials and a custom teflon-free heating element! The unit provides ~ 25 minutes of continuous thick hot steam. Just plug in, press the button, and you have a mini sauna! Variety of health benefits:Facials and SkincareMeditation and RelaxationClear sinuses and head tensionSoothe sore throats and relieve cold symptomsSupport respiratory health and boost immune system.

Use Code SPOILED for 10% off

HydroMATE Glass Water Bottle  
32oz glass water bottle to inspire you to drink more water. Hourly time markers make it easy and help boost your daily water intake with encouraging quotes. Eco-friendly with straw and carrying lid. 

Purifyou Glass Water Bottle
32/22/12oz with silicone sleeve 
Glass canteen is reusable, entirely BPA, phthalate, PVC, lead and cadmium-free. Protective silicone sleeve with your choice of color and 3 sizes: 12, 22, and 32oz. 


Piolt FriXion Eraseable Gel Pens 

This package is for 10 assorted colors of 0.7mm clicker erasable gel pens.

Unlimited do-overs allow you to write, erase, and rewrite repeatedly without damaging your docs. The eraser tip won't wear down or leave crumbs behind. No one will know it wasn't perfect the first time! 

Pilot FriXion  Eraseable Gel Pens
with refills
This package is for 3 0.7mm clicker erasable gel pens and 2 packages of 3 refills. What better way to enjoy these amazing pens and be conscientious of the environment and recycling. 

You can find other colors and just the refills too.

Mug Warmer 

You can choose the right temperature freely according to your needs. Features 3 temperature settings with different color displays via the power button: Blue: low-temp 105℉; Purple: mid-temp 130℉; Red: high-temp 170℉.  

Safe for glass, ceramic, metal, milk bottles and boxed drinks.


The Marie Forleo Podcast

In this show, Marie and her guests share actionable strategies for greater happiness, success, motivation, creativity, productivity, love, health, contribution and fulfillment — often with a lot of laughs. From business, marketing and career advice, to tackling failure, disappointment and fear, to philanthropy and doing our part to make the world a more loving, just and equitable place — we cover it all. Get inspired, grow stronger, more confident and create a business and life you genuinely love. 

The Rachel Hollis Podcast
From New York Times best-selling author Rachel Hollis comes the ultimate podcast for anyone looking for more joy and purpose in their lives. Featuring candid interviews with top performers in business, media, and lifestyle, as well as deep dives into topics like health and motivation, The Rachel Hollis Podcast has everything you need to level up your life! New episodes premiere every Tuesday and Thursday.

Caring Caregiver Show  
with Savy Makalena 

Welcome to the Caring Caregiver Show, the hub for caregiver connection. We are lifelong caregivers on a mission to bring community to those who selflessly put others first. We want you to know that you too have a hand to hold and when together, we can make the caregiver journey a little easier for us all. Each week we feature topics ranging from self-care to respite resources to caregiver survivors just like you. You are home here, and we will certainly leave you more uplifted than you came.

*I was a guest on 8/5/2021, 10/17/22 and 10/18/23

Lessons Learned for Vets  
with Lori Norris 
Whether you served 3 years or 23 years, as you prepare to transition out of the military, a mentor to provide advice and guidance will be helpful.

This podcast series was created to give you a platform to learn from mentors. By interviewing those veterans who have already traveled the transition path before you, we give you insight and information on what worked and didn't work for them, help you prepare for potential obstacles and plan for your own transition success.

Our goal is to give you actionable ideas every single week that you can use to guide your transition out of the military, no matter which direction you choose to travel.

Bouncing Forward
with Amy Purdy 

After losing both my legs at the age of 19 I bounced forward to become a 3-time Paralympic medalist, one of Oprah’s top 100 thought leaders, a New York Times best-selling author, a Dancing with the Stars runner up, and a world-renown motivational speaker.

I’m here to challenge you with one thing: How can you use your current situation to get ahead? How can you not just survive the challenges you are facing but actually thrive because of them. After all, it's not about bouncing back to who we once were, it's about bouncing forward to all that we can be.  

The Goal Digger 
with Jenna Kutcher 
Jenna brings you the the productivity tips, social media strategies, business hacks, and inspirational stories that can help YOU design your dream career. Jenna shares tangible tips and hacks that she used to become a self-made millionaire in photography, online courses, Instagram sponsorships, and navigating the world of being a #girlboss social media influencer. 

Along with sharing her best kept secrets, she interviews the best in the industry who will share their secrets to ensure you are seen, heard, (and hired!)

The Upside 
with Callie & Jeff Dauler  

THE UPSIDE with Callie & Jeff Dauler is much more than a podcast. It's like hanging out with your best couple friends, listening to their conversation over dinner or drinks. No politics, no hard news, just an honest take on their day to day life experiences; always finding the upside or humor in the silly and serious things in their lives. They advocate for mental health, promote gratitude, and encourage listeners to participate and help select show topics by playing voicemails and reading emails. THE UPSIDE is a daily show, with new episodes released Monday through Friday. The only downside to THE UPSIDE is that you will miss them on the weekends!    

The Universe Says Yes!   
with Andrew Donovan 
This is the moment where all your power is. It's the springboard into everything that's possible for you. What can you create when you live your soul-truth and flow with the well-being of the Universe? Let's get deep about it. I'm Andrew Donovan - international success coach, top 50 podcaster, rebel to limits and norms, and unapologetic attractor of love, wealth, and fun - here to spotlight how you can create your masterpiece life, to call you out on your b******t when you argue for your limitations, and to remind you that no matter what you desire, The Universe Says YES!

  *I was a guest on 10/7/22 

Mental Health Break
with Dr. Nafisa Sekandari

Here we will cover a variety of mental health topics from Anxiety and Depression to interviews and talks. Some episodes are specifically made for the podcast, others come from live recordings of lectures and speaking engagements. Dr. Sekandari is a holistic and integrative clinical psychologist specializing in anxiety based disorders.  Her podcast covers topics including the mental health crisis, anxiety, depression, the connection between food and mood, as well as natural and holistic treatment options for creating long term control of your anxiety….all while learning to prioritize your mental health.   You will be empowered through having a deeper understanding of your mind in order to live your best life.  This podcast will provide you with the practical tips and tools you need to help you take back control of your mental, physical, and emotional health.  So take a moment to prioritize YOUR mental health.

*I was a guest on 1/15/21

Coming Soon!

I'm so excited to share that my new self-care mobile app is in development.


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