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Natural solutions are nature-based, sustainable products, and essential oils are just a part of what I teach. Natural solution modalities are holistic remedies and lifestyle modifications that reduce medicinal substances and harsh chemicals while utilizing biohacking techniques and other unique nonconventional treatments that focus on the root cause, rather than just the symptoms.

I’ve been living a holistic lifestyle since 2016. I was looking for answers… change, but was skeptical and hesitant. Could essential oils really be the answer? Essential oils were the starting point for me. After I found crazy-real results I started to lean into supplements and came to understand the toxic hold my personal care and cleaning products had over me. That’s what led me to living a wellness lifestyle.

Essential oils are becoming more and more popular. The problem is not all essential oils are created equally. In fact, you may have tried a lavender oil to help you calm down or peppermint oil to assist with a headache, but you didn’t notice any difference. So, how do you know that you’ll have positive results? The answer is simple. If you use quality essential oils, have some patience in finding what works with your body's chemistry, and work with a holistic health & lifestyle advocate [me] then I can guarantee that your results will far exceed your expectations.

Check out my Sourcing & Science page to learn why doTERRA Essential Oils are the largest and most trusted brand in the world.

Nature-Based Sustainable Products

I think it’s important to note that doTERRA Essential Oils is really a wellness company – they offer so much more than essential oils. However, all of their natural solution products are plant-based, meaning they all contain the power of essential oils.

If you’re ready to get started you can purchase a starter kit that has built in savings and is an easy-peasy starting point or you can custom build a collection of oils and products that meet your specific needs.

Want to learn a little more first?

Check out this eBook – 100 Uses for Essential Oils. It will walk you through the 3 ways to use doTERRA Essential Oils: Aromatic, Topical and Internal. It has diffusing and safety tips. How to cook and clean with oils. Plus, bonus topics like overall wellness, sleep, hygiene, fitness, mood management and more. 

Coming Soon!

I'm so excited to share that my new self-care mobile app is in development.


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