Fun Business Friends

The resources below are other small business owners and entrepreneurs that were hand selected to help you to keep spOILing yourself in all areas of your life; health and wellness, personal growth, and of course fun stuff too.
An ESL teacher by day, and craftswoman by night— I’m the 1-woman show behind Cocoro Studios.  I come from Louisiana, and have always found creating to be therapeutic, but started to devote more focus on jewelry making after I completed metalsmithing courses in Oregon in 2016.  I didn’t think I’d start a jewelry business, but after enough people asked me where they could buy the jewelry I was wearing, I heeded the signs. Originally, my late husband and I planned to open a cafe as a gathering place for creativity and community, and were going to call it “Cocoro Cafe” (the meaning behind the name is in my Etsy shop description), but life had trials and curve balls and this dream never came to be.  He has since passed, and when I was searching for a name for my business, this word “cocoro” and its meaning returned to me.  It felt right: giving an old dream a new and different life: a rebirth. 

Each piece I make is on a pathway to healing, transforming stones and metal into pieces of beauty that add to your own, and handmade by me with heart, mind, and soul. -Heather

Transformational Hypnotherapist
Life Transformation Guide


I’m a Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist, a Reiki Master Teacher, and Emotion Code Practitioner who sees clients internationally online via video conference, as well as in my office in Centennial, Colorado.

My passion is helping high performing professionals and parents who are seeking a better version of themselves. To the outside world, they’ve got it all together and life looks like the perfect picture. However, they are often protecting everyone from their silent struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, or other issues that hold them back from feeling as successful as they appear to the outside world. -Aundrea

Aundrea helped me at the beginning of 2019 to uncover my word for the year, unblock some negativity and see the value in my vision to be a speaker.  We used a unique BrainTap device that uses red and blue light therapy along with audible cues.  It was pretty nifty.