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Essential Oil Education

I used to do a weekly Ask an Advocate series Live on Facebook (@WellnessSpoiled) every Wednesday. Check out some of our best content - answering YOUR doTERRA essential oil questions. 

Essential Oil Hacks Series: 

Essential Oil Hacks - Vetiver & Myrrh

Essential Oil Hacks - doTERRA On Guard Concentrate & DDR Prim

Essential Oil Hacks - Lemon & Root to Tip Serum

Essential Oil Hacks - On Guard Toothpaste & Arborviate

Essential Oil Hacks - Immortelle & Lavender + Rosemary

Essential Oil Hacks - doTERRA Conditioner & Verage Toner

Essential Oil Hacks - doTERRA Mud Mask & Slim & Sassy Gum

Essential Oil Hacks - doTERRA Correct X & a bathroom refresher

Essential Oil Hacks - Lemongrass

Essential Oil Hacks - Helichrysum

Ask an Adovcate - Misc: 

doTERRA Dawn Humidifier Diffuser

Healthy Habits

5 Tips to De Stress Naturally

Cooking with Oils


Frankinsence The King of Oils

Controversial & Popular Questions Answered

Not Getting Expected Results

Seasonal Threats

doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation

Quick & Easy Tips to Boost Mood

Room Sprays

Kids Edition with Special Guest

doTERRA Nutrition Line

Coming Soon!

I'm so excited to share that my new self-care mobile app is in development.


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