24 Ways to Practice Gratitude

I think you've probably heard it before, maybe even from me, that people who practice gratitude on a consistant basis tend to not only be happier in their day-to-day lives but also healthier. Often someone disciplined in the art of being grateful reap health rewards like a better night sleep, stronger immunity, and feeling more energetic and alive.

There are so many ways to practice gratitude. I'm only sharing 24 with you today, but just remember - don't over think or complicate the process. A gratitude journal doesn't need to be super profound or thought provoking. Remember it's the little things: sunshine, the sound of a kid laughing, that delicious dessert, the parking spot right up front...nothing is too little or too big for a gratitude list.

24 Ways to Practice Gratitude:

1. Keep a Gratitude Journal 
2. Pause Before Meals
3. Make a Homemade Gift
4. Write a Thank You Card 
5. Text or Call a Friend
6. Find the Good in the "Bad" 
7. Give Thanks to a Cup Half Full
8. Meditate
9. Do Something Kind
10. Take 3 Deep Breaths
11. Donate
12. Share Gratitude with Others
13. Create a Gratitude Collage
14. Appreciate Objects Around You
15. Look at Things as Gifts
16. Savor Surprises
17. Notice the Beauty of Nature
18. Cook Meals with Love
19. Compliment a Co-Worker
20. Post a Quote in Your Office
21. Focus on Your Strengths
22. Leave a Positive Review
23. Start a List
24. Set a Phone Reminder

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