The blog is a good spot to get tips, tricks and tools to help you live a natural solutions lifestyle.  I’ve got educational posts to help you learn more about doTERRA essential oils - how to use them, what they’re good for, DIY projects and lots of recipes too.  Plus the blog is where I share my personal life experiences and life-hacks.

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Essential Oils for Pests

Most of us love spending more time outdoors when the weather is nice. I realize the bug types and populations can vary depending on where you live, however, one thing we all have i...


Ice. That’s right we’re talking about frozen water today. Hahaha! If you like ice, this post is for you! We'll go over 8 types of ice, ways to use ice as a natural solution remedy,...

Summer Diffuser Blends

Using essential oils as aroma therapy, specifically diffusing is one of the easiest ways to use and enjoy essential oils. Not only can diffusing essential oils quickly alter your m...

30 Roller Bottle Blends for Summer

Let me start off by sharing three reasons roller bottles are awesome.   1)  Empty roller bottles allow you to create custom blends of oils to address your particular needs. They ca...

Patriotic Recipes

Fourth of July has become much like Christmas in our fun traditions and extravagant celebrations. I'm all for it! However, take a moment and start off your day with a little reflec...

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